Ah…the Weekend…

I’m so glad it’s the weekend.  Well, almost the weekend.  I’m anticipating a lovely lie in tomorrow.

We are having a superbowl party on Sunday.  Probably just a couple of neighborhood folks.  I’ve invited a couple of folks, but haven’t heard anything from anyone.  At any rate, I’m going to clean the bathrooms tomorrow, and the living room.  We’re keeping food simple this year – veggie tray, chips, and then an order of wings and a party sub from Pat’s.

What’s great about this weekend is I have Monday off.  A day to recover. 

No new adventures planned for this weekend.  I’m shooing Mr. G out to the gun show Saturday to get out of my hair while I clean.  I also intend on treating myself to a mani-pedi this weekend as reward for hitting my first goal.  MMMM…mani-pedi…

So, what are your big plans for the weekend??


Goal #1 – Met!

I’ve been busting my hump the past month with my diet and exercise, and I’m happy to report that as of today, I’ve met my first big goal.  I’m finally under 300 pounds (yay!). 

It takes a lot for me to even post that I was over 300 pounds.  It was hard to deal with for myself, much less admit it to others.  I’m an emotional eater.  I eat with all my emotions – happy, sad, bored, angry, frustrated, you name it.  I’ve really been trying to work on that and to do other things when I notice I want to stuff something in my face.  It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve really been working on it, and it’s paying off.

Now I have to get past that whole “Wow, I’ve had some success…maybe I’ll slack off just a little bit” deal that I do to myself.  Nothing quite like self-sabatoge to ruin a good thing, right?

So, I’m officially under 300 pounds.  My next goal is to get to 290 by the end of February.  I’ll just keep on plugging away.  Total loss is now 17 pounds.  Yay me.

Snow Day

Snow Day

We got our first storm of 2009 yesterday evening into last night.  Gotta love living in the mid-atlantic – it snowed all day and iced all night.  When I let the dog out this morning, she slid around the front yard trying to find a place to do her business.  She was less than thrilled.

I’m working from home today.  I was scheduled to even before the threat of snow since I have an appointment this afternoon.  I love working from home.  I can work in my pajamas.  Awsome.  Plus, I get ton of stuff done that I can’t at work because of the interruptions.  And, I can wear my pajamas.   I was even able to get in a workout this morning.  And this afternoon, I can squeeze in a pot of low fat chili before my appointment.  Yay for productivity!


We’re about to get out first big storm of the season.  I’m hesitant about going in to work, but I didn’t bring anything to work on here at home, so I have to go in.  Blah.  I hate driving in the snow.   I’m supposed to work from home tomorrow, so I have to go in anyway and pick up work for tomorrow.

I want to move somewhere warm…with no snow.

I Like To Move It Move It

I did something today I’ve been terrified of doing since my knee surgery last May…I got my ass back on my Gazelle.  (insert dorky pictures of Tony Little here).  I have this fear my knee will slip on me when I’m working on something like that, and I’m really scared of getting hurt, but I pushed my fear aside today, put on my brace, strapped on my iPod and pumped up my “Get You Ass Moving Playlist” and away I went.  I actually lost track of time, which amazed me, and I put in half an hour.  The brace helped with the slipping (my knee slips when it encounters what it thinks might “hurt” and throws me) and I found that as long as I held on to the handles, I was able to control my knees and not kill myself.

Go me.

So, it’s time to get back on my Gazelle routine.  We’ll see how my knee feels tomorrow.  I think just in case I’ll take an aleve before bed tonight, but the plan is to put in half an hour before work tomorrow.

Amazing Day

A girl and her dog

A girl and her dog

Mr. G and I made a New Years Resolution to not only get healthy, but to get the heck out of the house.  We are home bodies.  Couch potatos.  Hence, our potato like shape.  So, we’ve decided to “get out of the house” when we can, as long as the weather isn’t too crappy.

We decided today to ride up to Chadd’s Ford, PA and drive around.  It’s less than an hour from here, and since we love exploring battlefields, we decided to go and visit the Brandywine Battlefield Historical Site.  They have a driving tour, so that meant we could take Sadie.  It also meant the promise of getting out and actually doing some walking, part of our “get off our asses and get healthy routine.”

We had a nice healthy breakfast of buckwheat pancakes (yum) and loaded the dog, the camera, a couple of sodas and a couple of snacks and off we went.  It was a really nice drive up there.  Growing up in DE, my mom and I had visited the area often.  We stopped off at the Brandywine River Museum first, and although we couldn’t go in and view the artwork (not dog friendly), we could take a walk along the creek, and look at the sculptures (see flikr).  It was cold, but invigorating. 

We loaded back into the car and headed up the road to the battlefield.  So pretty.  There’s an old farmhouse that was there in the 1770s, which became a tavern and lodging during the war.  The house looks now like it did in the 1700s.  It’s situated up on a hill, overlooking a gorgeous, 300 year old Baptist church.  We got out, took pictures, and marveled at how pretty the area is.  Then we drove over to the house that Washington used as his headquarters during the battle.

Afterwards, we decided to head over to my mom’s, who lives about half an hour away.  We picked her up and took her to lunch, where I am proud to say that I had a healthy turkey sub.  Mom and I dropped Mr. G off with the dog and headed up to Bath and Body for the last day of the Big Sale.  I picked up 3 anti-bacterial hand soaps, a big thing of body wash, and some purse sized hand gel all for $12.50.  Score. 

We headed back home, picked up the dog and headed back here where I made a lovely chicken corn chowder (weight watchers recipe) for dinner.  Then we started a fire and watched the last disk of the second season of The Brotherhood.  Now we’re watching travel shows, and plan on a little couple time later.  Definitely a good way to follow through with a New Year’s Resolution!

Westward Ho

Every year, we pack up and leave our little home here in lush, green Maryland, and head to Rocky Mountain High Colorado for Memorial Day.  We generally go out for a week or so, and make the rounds visiting as much family as we can (not an easy feat). 

We just made our plane reservations for this year and got a great rate through Southwest  – $309 per person, round trip, non-stop flight.  We also got a fantastic rate on our car.  We’ll be out two weeks this year, and our car will be $377, including taxes and fees.  Yay for Dollar Rent-a-car. 

We have big plans for our trip this year.  We’re going to head up into upper bumfuck Nebraska to go see some fossils.  I know – it sounds a bit boring, but we love trips like that.  We’re going to spend a night up in Estes Park as well, and take a trip up through Rocky Mountain National Park.  Every year, we travel the gambit – from the highest peak in the Rockies, all the way over to the flat lands in Nebraska.  We visit tons of family.  We go to the Memorial Day family reunion, and stay up all night at the hotel with family playing Texas Hold-em.  We really have a great time.  We’re really looking forward to going out this year.  I’d really like to spend a night at the Stanley, but I don’t think we can justify that cost.

So, look out Colorado…we’re on our way!

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