Who Ever Called Saturdays Lazy?

I’ve worked my can off today. I was up at 6:45 so I could get to Wal*mart before the throngs of people showed up. I grocery shopped, and then headed home to get stuff put away. I fixed breakfast, and then we took the dog for a quick ride before I came home and got to the heavy work.

I cleaned the house from top to bottom, did four loads of laundry, cleaned the cat box, and now I’m coloring my hair.  Mr. G is working tonight, and it’s time for Crotinis…but first, maybe a nap.

We ended up getting a new camera – a Sony.  Should be delivered sometime next week.   We got it and the memory stick for $135.  Yay.


Attention Fellow Knitters

funny pictures of cats with captions
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funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Made me think of you!

Digital Cameras

We are looking at new digital cameras.  Our camera is 3 years old now, and although it still takes great shots, some of the functions on it have ceased to work.  We have a Kodak, and come to find out that these cameras have issues with telephoto after a while – in that it just stops working.  Ours has done just that.  It works fine for most things, but since we are getting ready to go on a two week vacation in May, we thought we’d like to get a new camera and keep the old one at our vacation place in Virginia.

So, I’m reasearching.  We’re looking to spend just around $100 (this is what we’ve saved up).  I’ve looked at the Sonys, and I’m liking what I see on them.  We’d like 7 or 8 MP, nothing really fancy.  I don’t want to get another Kodak, only because of the reviews I’ve read.  Does anyone have one that they just love?  Reviews?  Recommendations?

Knitting for the NICU

I have thrown myself back into my knitting here lately.  It serves several purposes, as I’ve mentioned before, but a big benefit is that it keeps my hands busy so I don’t eat.  That’s a good thing.

I love knitting the donations for the NICU.  I love knitting or crocheting for babies anyway, and for a while, I had a number of friends or relatives who were expecting, and I could make them lovelies.  Baby projects are fun, and the wool is so soft and feels so good, and the projects generally turn out to be keepsakes to be passed down for many years to come.  Now that no one I know is going to have a baby, I can still knit for babies by making the donations for the local NICU.

Recently I’ve found some patterns for the little mittens they put on the babies so they don’t pull out their IVs or scratch their faces.  They are so little, and its a fast pattern, but they are just so danged cute I can’t stand it.  This week, I’ve finised up a pair of booties (OMG, tiny tiny tiny, but so cute!) and a pair of mits in a soft pale green, and a hat in a bright festive yellow.  I want to crank out some more of those mits while my class is slow this week (mid-term is next week) and get some matching hats and booties to go with them so I can donate them as sets.  Then I want to get a few more blankets done. 

I’ve slowly been taking pictures of what I’ve finished up, and I’ll get them posted soon.

And, if you’re reading ladies – once again, Crotinis this Saturday night at Casa G!  7pm!  Be there or be square!

It’s Not Too Bad As Long As I Don’t Think About It

I had written up this big long post about the anniversary of my sister’s death, but I couldn’t bring myself to post it.

In any event, we miss you Betsy.  Ten years have just flown by.

If you have the chance, do what you can aid in cancer research.  It can be any cancer, I don’t care, but do what you can.

Stand Up To Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Colon Cancer Awareness

Choose Hope

Exactly How I Feel – BWAhahaha

funny pictures of dogs with captions
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Total Immersion

We received our Spanish package in the mail over the weekend, and of course tried it out. I’m quite happy with the guided lessons. The program has a speach recognition program, just like Rosetta Stone, and has a bunch of different activities and puzzles. It also comes with 8 audio CDs to listen to and practice (which I have only listened to once). We were so happy with the product, we turned around and ordered the French program (same seller on ebay) for $14.95 (originally retails for $40.00). I took eight years of French, so I’m sure it will come back pretty quick. I just hope it doesn’t come back to me with my high school French teacher’s accent. She kind of sounded like Minnie Mouse. A lot. Bon Jour!

In other good news, I got my second assignment back in my class and got a 9/10 or for my 2nd A. I think I need to dazzle him with my next project though – just from his comments. I’ve finished up all my assignments through the first week in March, when the Mid-Term posts, so it should give me some time to jump on my other homework assignments.

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