Bob and I decided to go up to Gettysburg today to hit up our favorite winery (Adams County Winery) and drive through the park.  We needed to fight a little cabin fever that was racking up, so we threw the dog in the car and headed up to the battlefield.

We headed to the winery first and picked up two cases of our favorites.  They have simply the best wine we’ve ever had.  I tried their new Rhed’s Lady and YUM.  Needless to say, we’re stocked for a while.  Then we headed over to Oak Hill to exercise the dog and enjoy our picnic lunch.  I had packed up some sammies and chips.  We were a little disappointed to see that someone had spray painted grafetti on the Eternal Light Peace Memorial.  People just have no concept of reverence, you know?  We spent some time up at Oak Hill, and then decided to drive around the confederate line down to Little Round Top and Devil’s Den (our favorite places at the battlefield).

Sadie really enjoyed the trip – and she’s doing well tonight – no whining or limping, which means her hips tolerated the car ride well.  We were back in MD by 3, so we spent the rest of the afternoon watching a movie (Over Her Dead Body – cute cute cute!) and then dinner before Mr. G left for his DJ gig.

It was really a lovely day – can’t wait to get to go back.  Welcome spring!


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