Lots of Stuff Going On

There is a lot going on now, and because of that it’s been quiet around here.  Sorry for that.

I’m getting ready for our trip to Colorado, which is now only 3 weeks away!  We are going to have so much going on when we are out there – graduation party, family reunion, day trips, an overnight trip to Colorado Springs and one to Nebraska.  My head is spinning with keeping up with the details.

School starts up again just before we go.  That’s going to be tough – means I have to take the lap top with me.  Hopefully I can find internet connection while I’m out there.

Work is work – I’m really busy, and it’s bleeding over into my regular life. 

Disjointed post is disjointed.



I’d Rather Scratch My Eyes Out

than have to commute to Baltimore again.  It took me two hours to get to work this morning.  My maximum speed after I passed Bel Air was a whopping 15 miles an hour until I got downtown.  15.

Painting the Town…er Shack Red

We had a lovely weekend at the trailer this weekend, but holy crap it was hot.  It’s only April and it was already 90 degrees.  What the heck?  I hope this isn’t how the summer is going to be.

Anyway, we painted La Casa de Pollo this weekend…it’s now a lovely barn red.  It was some hard work, but we got it done.  Now Mr. G still wants to paint the trailer, but I told him I was done my painting for the year.  Painting quota completed.


Heading Out for the Weekend

We’re headed to the trailer for the weekend as soon as I get off work.  I was hoping that was going to be at 2pm, but since my lovely boss won’t answer my email, I guess I’ll be working a full day (grumble).

I need this weekend away – to celebrate being done class and to get ready for another big chapter in my life.  I won’t be posting about that here, not for a while yet, because it may be controvertial to some, and I’m not in the mood to go there.  Those of you who follow my LJ account and are “friends” on LJ already know what I’m talking about.  For those who don’t, let me just qualify this whole things with a “No, I’m definitley NOT pregnant, nor are Mr. G and I have any problems.”

Other than that, not much going on.  Probably why there hasn’t been much blogging going on.  See ya’ll Monday.

Le Sigh

Today is bring your child to work day.  I predict not much will be done today at work.

More substantiative post later.

Big Sigh of Relief

My professor just graded my paper and assigned my final grade for the class – I got an A on both.  Yippee!  My graduate 4.0 continues!

Done! I’m done!

I finished my paper and powerpoint presentation and have turned in my final comments.  Now all I have to do is sweat the final grade.  Now I have four lovely weeks off until summer semester starts. 

I have to say I actually enjoyed this class.  My professor was great – had a great sense of humor, and really knew how to drive our conversation topics so that we learned and applied the concepts to real life.  I like professors who can do that.

So, now a mini-vacay from school, and then on to Information Technology for Health Care Administration.  Class unfortunately starts the week we are in Colorado, so I’ll be toting my books along.  Hopefully I can put off any heavy stuff until we get back from vacation.

Two semesters down – 10 to go.

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