Forget National Health Care….

How about a national tuition fund?

So, I paid off Spring semester today – $422.00.  Oy.  That one hurt.  And, then, I got an email from my lovely advisor Kristy that they had registered me for my summer class. 

With 10 days to make my payment.

So, I had to go to Tuition Pay and sign up for my summer tuition payments.  For those of you who don’t know, Sallie Mae has a set up where you can break up your tuition payments into equal installments (as long as your school qualifies) so that you don’t have to pay your entire tuition at once.  It’s been a blessing, since my tuition is averaging about $1300 a semester (and it went up this semester).  It’s for tuition expenses only – no books – but its not a loan, which is awesome.  It breaks up my $1300 a semester into 5 equal payments.  But when you enroll for a semester of it, you have to pay your first payment up front – plus a $30 application fee.  So on top of the $422 I had to fork out today for Spring, I had to come up with another $290 for Summer.  Thank god for the emergency fund. 

I also took a gander at my text book for this semester.  If I buy it new, I’ll have to pay my first born.  Amazon has it used for $84.00.  That’s going to have to wait until May 1st.  No can do with an extra $84.00 right now.  Can’t do it.  Haven’t got it.  Still have to buy groceries this month. 

But, I’m all squared away for the summer semester now.  I’m taking Information Technology for Health Care Administration – and it looks like an interesting course.  It will be my first in the Health Care requirements, and I’m looking forward to it.  At first, I thought it would be terribly boring, but now, it really looks like it’s going to be challenging.  Here’s hoping there’s no group work though – ugh, I hate group work.


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