Special Thoughts to My Friend and her Family

My very dear friend and her family lost their kitty last night, and I am so sorry for them.  I have watched three of my very special kitties go on to the rainbow bridge over the past five years, and it never gets any easier.

Allysther’s kitty was not even six yet, and died quite suddenly.  She has a little boy who I know must be very saddened by his loss. Her kitty was a torti, and I find something so endearing and special about calicos and torti’s.  My Annabelle, a midgy pastel calico, had been with me since my junior year in college.  She and her sister Abbey traveled with me from DE to DC and back to Aberdeen.  They had seen me through heartbreak and sickness, joy and happiness.  I lost them both in the past three years – Abbey, also a calico, passed away three years ago, and Annabelle followed the year after.  I still look for both of them all the time.

Some people consider pets “just animals.”  My own husband is one of those people.  Me, I get attached.  They are part of my soul.  They are a comfort and a joy.  I think more so because I am unable to have my own babies, these furry little bodies step in and fill that void in a special way.

So, Allysther and the Wendalls, I’m so sorry for your loss.  I’m keeping you all in my thoughts.  Your sweet girl has gone on to the rainbow bridge, where she waits for her boy and keeps watch over him.  Just as my girls do for me.







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  1. allysther
    Apr 20, 2009 @ 14:02:11

    Thank you so much. You have me in tears again, but the good kind. I’ll read this to my guys tonight.


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