All Grown Up

I’m going to Dover this weekend to see my youngest niece Sarah graduate from Washington College with her BS in Business Administration.  She’s engaged to be married in October to a nice young man.  She’s all grown up, and I am very very proud of her.

On Friday, my second oldest niece, Joanna, will also be graduating from Towson University with her degree in Art Education.  She’s going to be a teacher.  She’s always been such a talented artist, even when she was nothing but a bitty little girl with rosey cheeks dressed in pink Osk Kosh B’Gosh Overalls (Osies, as she used to call them) with little piggy tails.  Joanna has turned into such a well rounded, fantastic young woman, and my heart bursts with pride knowing that these two beautiful, smart, talented women are all grown up, and entering the adult world with confidence and style.  Jo’s momma would have been so proud of her – to see her come so far, and gain such wonderful independence.

My sisters’ babies are all grown up.  Lauren is now a social worker.  Jo and Sarah are graduating.  Mitch has been living on his own in Flordia for quite a few years now.  No more babies.  My heart swells with pride, and also breaks a little for the babies I can no longer pick up and cuddle in my arms. 

I remember the day each of them were born.  Lauren was such a solomn little baby girl, but beautiful, and being a mom really made my sister glow.  Jo came along, then Sarah then Mitch…1..2..3…  I have watched them all grow up, endure some hardships no child should have to, and come out on the other side as great people. 

Not only am I honored to be their Aunt, I’m terribly proud to be able to call them my friends.

Love you guys.  Very very much.

On the other side of the spectrum, my two youngest grandbabies both have birthdays coming up this week – Miss Madison will be three on Sunday (so quick!  When did that happen??) and Miss Braelyn is turning one on the 19th.  These little girls (and thier sisters and cousins) are the light of my life, and I’m so enjoying watching them grow.  Happy birthday girls!  Grammie B loves you to death!  Sorry I won’t get to see you this weekend!


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