Life is absolutely crazy at the moment.  We are trying to get everything together for our trip on Wednesday, and in the middle we had to balance a wedding, a graduation and two of our grandchildren’s birthdays!

I have two days left of work (today and tomorrow).  We’re going to pack what we can tonight, because tomorrow we have to take the furbabies up to their grandmother’s.  Luckily I’m about wrapped up at work, and for the next couple of days I’m just catching a few easy tasks that are in my queue and writing some procedures.  Nothing mind-boggling. 

Home is a different story.  I still haven’t figured out what to pack and what we still need.  Our plane leaves at 7:30 Wednesday morning, and I still need to get a bunch of stuff together.  I did a load of laundry last night, and I’m going to do another very small one tonight to make sure we have enough “unmentionables.”

We have to remember to pack a gagillion maps, and I still have to print out all of our travel itineraries.  Tomorrow, at the butt crack of dawn, I need to sign on to Southwest and check-in.


FYI – there are TONS of pictures on the flickr account (see link to the right) of the babies’ birthday party and of my niece’s graduation from Washington College.  Check ’em out!


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