Perfect Weekend

Mr. G and I headed down to Trails End this weekend for a little couple time.  Every other weekend we had been down in July, we had family with us, so this weekend was one just for us to recharge our batteries.  It was lovely.

We headed down Friday night, and once we were there, we unloaded and took a ride around the campground while the trailer cooled off.  Saturday I slept in until 8:30 (almost unheard of for me)…we got up, and when I was heading to the bath house for a shower, we saw the biggest snapping turtle we’ve ever seen on the road just in front of our lot.  He snapped at Mr. G, and of course, I took pictures of the guy (on my flickr).

Saturday was delicious…I spent some time soaking in the sun at the pool while Mr. G puttered around the cabin.  Then we had a quiet lunch, another ride around the campground, and a wonderful, relaxing 2 hour nap.  It was heaven.  We fixed dinner, and then road around again for a while.  We stopped up by the family dance until the mosquitos got too bad, and then headed back to the cabin to relax before bed.

It was a perfect weekend.  And it looks like we might just get another one this weekend.  Yay.


Semester Off, or I’m a Slacker

I just got an email from my advisor at school.  I wrote her last night asking if there would be a problem for me to take the Fall semester off.  I know, I just took summer off, but I was stupid, and didn’t think things through.

I’m hoping to have my surgery in November.  I don’t want to balance out dealing with the rest of my surgical requirements, my surgery, and my two week recovery period, plus work, and then add school on top of it.

My advisor is great – she naturally said that it would be no problem, and she’ll get me enrolled in my next Health Care class in January – yay.

I don’t talk much about the surgery here.  As you can see from the pictures I bravely posted yesterday, it is a necessity.  I’m working hard at making all of my pre-op requirements, and have two tests left to complete, and three more months of the diet to go.  I’ve lost 21 pounds (I was only requried to lose 10 – 15), but have stalled over the past month.  Stalls are ok, as long as I’m not gaining again, but it just goest to prove that when I get lax, I don’t lose weight, and therefore, I really need to have this surgery as a tool to get this weight off.

The good news about the diet is that my diabetes is doing very very well.  I have reduced one of my insulins quite a bit – I was on 75 units a day, now I’m lucky if I take 15.  I’m starting to wean off my other insulin as well.  The doctor says this is a very good sign, meaning that I very well may be able to get off my meds all together immediately after the surgery, which is my ultimate goal.

My cholesterol is down to 147 total (down from over 200) and my blood pressure was a lovely 110/66 the last time I was in to see the doctor.

Details of my surgery can be found at “I’m Being Bypassed.”

So, I’m slacking for another semester, but will be back in the swing of school for the Spring semester.  Who knows, I may even get brave and take two classes.  Ha ha, yeah right.

Family Full

So, last week was an absolute blur.  We had a ton of visits with family last week, and got to spend lots of time with our grandchildren.

Bob’s daughter Kelly came down from Buffalo last week to stay at Jess and TJ’s place and watch their baby while Jess and TJ went on a business trip/vacation to Florida for a week.  Kelly of course stopped by for a few visits with us,  so we got to see our girls.  It was nice.

Bob, Maddy, me, Kelsi

Here’s one of all of us gals…

the girls

We babysat Braelyn on Wednesday night so Kel and Brian could go to dinner with some old friends…what a handful!

Braelyn Flipping

Maddie and Braelyn window watching

On Friday, we took Dakota (6) and Holden (10) to Trails End.  We did tons of stuff with them again, and they got some one on one time with Pop Pop and Grandma. 

We took them to the pool…

Cody Jumping

Holden and Cody pool 09

We played cards…

Go fish!

We went to the beach.  The boys played in the ocean, built sandcastles, and dug for sandcrabs!

Holden Beach

Cody Beach



And we took them to the marina to go crabbing!


When we asked Cody how much fun he was having…he told us…



And that’s what we’ve been up to.  🙂

I Know, I Know

I have thousands of things rolling around in my head, and lots I want to write about, both here and at “I’m Being Bypassed” but I can’t work up the thoughts into real, meaty, actual posts.

Instead, I leave you with a picture from this weekend.



Say Crotinis!

I went with my friend Karen last night to an Ironbirds game and we had a good time.  The game was a long one, but it was nice to get out with a good friend, relax, and have a great time.

We had a lovely dinner, got to schmooz with Ferrous, the mascot, and watched a fantastic fireworks display!  Yay for good friends and fun!







Stunned and Saddened

I was a very active member of my church growing up, and then as I entered college, I was active in the Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry which was also part of my home church.  I was lucky to have made some wonderful friends during my time  in the Wesley Foundation, and even luckier to have reconnected with a few of them on Facebook in the past year.

One friend in particular that I was close with was Drew.  Drew was four years older than me, but had traveled around and studied a host of things before settling at U of D somewhere around my junior year.  Drew was studying history, and making plans to enter the seminary.  I loved Drew’s dry wit and humor.  He helped to get me through a pretty ugly time with my diabetes diagnosis, and was always there as a friend.

Drew was a package deal.  His girlfriend of many years was always by his side, and they married my senior year.  Drew and Donna were inseparable, and I adored both of them as good friends.  I was so glad this past year to have reconnected with Drew and Donna through Facebook.

In our years since college, Drew and Donna built a life together.  Drew became a minister, and has settled at a small church in Scranton, PA.  Drew and Donna have a cute little boy named Josiah.  Their life was good.  Until this past Spring.

I have recently found out that Donna has been diagnosed with a state 3 brain tumor.  She is at UPenn for treatment, and Drew has been updating us on his Facebook about how she is doing.  The prognosis, which came down last night, is not good.  Donna has anywhere from six months to two years left, depending on how aggressive a treatment plan they chose.  My heart is absolutely broken for this family. 

Please please please…no matter what your beliefs, keep Donna, Drew and Josiah in your thoughts and prayers.  Donna is recovering from surgery, and will hopefully soon move into physical therapy so that they can begin radiation treatment.  No matter what comes of this, I’m praying that whatever time they have left as a family is just as wonderful as their beginning years.  Drew will be telling his little boy about his mother’s illness tomorrow evening.

4th of July Weekend


DSC01897We just got back from a long weekend at Trails End for the 4th.  It was a nice weekend…except for getting a little sick last night (too much grease!) and we’re really relaxed and ready to go for a few more weeks.

Jessica and TJ came down to visit us for the first part of the weekend, and we introduced the baby to both the pool and camping.  We really enjoyed spending the weekend with the kids…we just love spending time with the baby…Bob is very much in love with his granddaughter.


I spent yesterday at the beach with my sister while Bob cracked down on some work at the trailer.  I love the beach!


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