Perfect Weekend

Mr. G and I headed down to Trails End this weekend for a little couple time.  Every other weekend we had been down in July, we had family with us, so this weekend was one just for us to recharge our batteries.  It was lovely.

We headed down Friday night, and once we were there, we unloaded and took a ride around the campground while the trailer cooled off.  Saturday I slept in until 8:30 (almost unheard of for me)…we got up, and when I was heading to the bath house for a shower, we saw the biggest snapping turtle we’ve ever seen on the road just in front of our lot.  He snapped at Mr. G, and of course, I took pictures of the guy (on my flickr).

Saturday was delicious…I spent some time soaking in the sun at the pool while Mr. G puttered around the cabin.  Then we had a quiet lunch, another ride around the campground, and a wonderful, relaxing 2 hour nap.  It was heaven.  We fixed dinner, and then road around again for a while.  We stopped up by the family dance until the mosquitos got too bad, and then headed back to the cabin to relax before bed.

It was a perfect weekend.  And it looks like we might just get another one this weekend.  Yay.


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