It’s Not Been A Good Week For Friends and Family

Well, this week is turning to crap.

On Tuesday, I found out that my late sister’s husband’s father passed away. He had lived a long full life, and was a genuinely nice man. I was glad that my nieces and nephew had a Pop-Pop like Walter while they were growing up. I’m very sorry for my brother-in-law (can I still call him that? Betsy has been gone for 10 years now) and his family, and my heart bleeds for my nieces and nephew.

Then last night, my Mom calls. Mom rarely calls with good news, so I knew something was up. She told me she’d gotten a call from her best friend Shirley (they lived a block away from us when I was growing up, and still live there). Shirley’s husband Dexter has been struggling with pancreatic cancer the past few years, and I thought Mom was calling to tell me Dex had passed away, but no. What she told me was that their grandson, Dan, a kid I had babysat, and watched go through horrible struggles to finally put his life together, was killed Monday in a motorcycle accident in Middletown, DE. He was driving recklessly, and paid the ultimate price for it.

Talk about heart bleeding…Danny was 25. He was a young father. He had finally put his life back together after years of struggling with depression and drug use, dealing with abandonment and heart ache. Shirley and Dexter have lost so much – Shirley’s mother recently died (at the age of 104!), and they lost their son to suicide years ago, when his kids were little. I feel so horrible for them. And I’m affected by Danny’s death myself. I have known him since he was born, and always considered their family my extended family. Its heart breaking to hear that Danny was killed, and to know that Shirley and Dex have to survive another loss in their family.

I’m a bit meloncholy today, remembering Dan and Walt. Keep their families in your thoughts and prayers.


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