All The Action’s Over At I’m Being Bypassed

Sorry I have not posted here lately.  My life is revolving around my bypass surgery, which is secheduled in less than two weeks, so most of my postings have been surrounding the surgery, and I’m posting them over at I’m Being Bypassed.

I’m sure once my life settles down into a more normal routine, I’ll be back to posting here, talking about normal things.  For now, if you want to see what’s going on with me, visit me at I’m Being Bypassed.


She’s Married

My niece was married this weekend in a lovely ceremony.  I’m so happy for her and her husband Matt.  I wish them all the best and many years of love and happiness.





Wedding Gift

Here are pictures of the wedding gift I made for my niece.




The Conversations I Have At Work

I am the Business Recovery Coordinator for my depratment at work – meaning if there is a disaster of any kind, I’m in charge of making sure all my people are safe, accounted for, and are able to get back to work when it is safe to do so.  It’s a heavy responsibility, but its actually one of the parts of my job that I like.  I work with the COB (Continuity of Business) officers here at work, and every time I have to do something in regards to my own plan, I get an email from a guy in the COB office who is as sick and twisted and into pop culture as I am.

Next week is COB awareness week.  Yay, exciting…I know.  Contain yourself.  Tony (my contact person) sent out the email yesterday announcing the “fesitivies” for COB week, which include a guest lecture from the man in command on the USS Cole when it was attacked, various COB excercises, and little give aways to help us to remember to stay safe.

My reply to Tony was this:  What, no clowns?

A moment later, my trust email bings.  This is his reply:


I mentioned that I much preferred Tim Curry as Frankenfurter, but Pennywise was yet another awesome role.  Then we got on a discussion about how we were both terrified of clowns because of this:

::::shudders::::  – Creepiest ghost movie out there – the new flicks, Like Thirteen Ghosts, just don’t cut it.

We then moved onto the discussion of how when are alone, the clowns will pop out of their tiny cars and attack.  Which brough up the convesation regarding clowns and Smart Cars.  And this:

More shudders.

We then moved back to freaky clown movies, to which I mention what I feel is the ultimate crazy, freaky, scary clown movie, the classic Killer Clowns from Outer Space.  Tony had never seen it.  So I sent him this:

and this:

:::crawls under bed and hides::::

He declared me the winner.    😀 

I know what really would have gotten him though…this clown:

The shot of a ripped Carrot Top terrifies me.  Seriously, where are his PANTS?

Holy Busy Weekend Batman!

So, this weekend is going to be busy busy busy.  I’ll bullet – it’s easier:

  • Finish the wedding afghan for Sarah and Matt – and I mean finish it…I have 18 more strips and I can start assembling.
  • Put together the wedding CDs and intinerary for Bob – must do this weekend
  • Clean – I need to vaccuum a bit and scrub the bathroom floor
  • Crotinis!  Our first meeting in a while
  • Go up to DE to visit Mom – I need to go the Farmer’s Market while I’m up there
  • Start packing for next weekend

Lots of stuff to do, and through all of that, I still have to watch my diet really close…Monday’s the final weigh in and then I can submit my paperwork for approval.  Hopefully by this time next week I’ll have a real, honest to goodness surgery date – SQUEE!

Not Much Time To Post

I’ve been swamped over the past few weeks.  I’ve been working away at my niece’s wedding present, which is sucking up a lot of time.  Work has been totally hectic, and we went down to Trails End last weekend to winterize, so I haven’t been able to come up with a coherent blog post.

I have so great pictures from this past weekend, which I have to upload and edit, and will post soon.  Until this afghan is done, and I get the stuff done for the wedding that I still need to, posting is going to be short.

See you all soon – with some big news soon, I hope!

Let’s Go Phillies!

Sending out a big old cheer to my Phightin’ Phils this afternoon!!!  Beat those Rockies!

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