Happy Holidays

From our house to yours, Bob and I would like to wish all the readers of La Casa de Pollo and I’m Being Bypassed a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous new year!


Decade in Review

2000 – Working for HFC – got promoted to branch sales manager. Spent two weeks in Tampa, FL learning how to run a branch. Pass assessment. In May, I get my own branch in Gaithersburg, MD. Have two weeks to find apartment and move in June. Do really well with branch and makes lots of money. Date aimlessly. Get crappy boss…Turn 28.

2001 – Deal with false claims of sexual harassment at work (yeah, right). Fight to get away from crappy boss. As a result, transferred to crappy branch in Abingdon in June. Buy my house and move to Aberdeen. Loyal customer brings me a little orange kitty who I named Charlie. September 11th happens. Do some major soul searching, and two weeks later, quit job with HFC deciding it was better to have no job than one where I was swindling people out of money. Turn 29. Spend two months unemployed. Go back to CitiFinancial in the compliance Department in December. Reconnect with old friend Bob.

2002 – Deal with daily commute to Baltimore. Bob and I become very close friends, then more than friends. Sewer in house collapses and have to come up with $7000 to fix it. Buy PT Cruiser. I turn 30. Bob and I enjoying ourselves. Bob moves out of his ex’s house and gets bachelor pad in Baltimore. Spend first Christmas together.

2003 – Life is going well. Bob and I seeing more and more of each other. Start feeling ill in July, but brush it off. July 20th, life changes as I know it – heart attack hits. Spend two months on disability. Return to work part time, then full time. Turn 31. Bob and I finally become “exclusive.”

2004 – Life continues as usual. Little Charlie passes away in January from crystals. Spend a month being devistated. Pick up new kitty from friend in March – Mattie, who joins big sisters Annabelle and Abbey. I turn 32. Bob moves in at Christmas.

2005 – Not much exciting going on. Bob’s daughter Kelly gets engaged and invites me to wedding as Bob’s date. Bob decides not to take me. Girls get pissed off. I turn 33. I have my 2nd heart surgery. Bob’s youngest daughter gets engaged at Thanksgiving.

2006 – Bob and I continue to get serious. Bob’s middle daughter has baby #2 (#7 grandchild) in May. We go to youngest daughter’s wedding. The very next day, Bob’s entire family comes out from Colorado to meet me. Feel as if I’m in an audition. Turns out I am. Bob’s family loves me. Adopt big dog, Sadie.  Fall in love with dog.  Purchase our vacation place in Chincoteague, VA. Hurricane hits – no damage to vacation place. I turn 34. Bob’s oldest daughter gets engaged at Thanksgiving. Bob proposes at Christmas.

2007 – Begin wedding planning. Bob’s oldest daughter gets married in January. We attend wedding. Find out Bob’s youngest daughter is pregnant. Plan big trip to Colorad to meet rest of Bob’s family. Whirlwind trip to Sterling. Meet Bob’s ENTIRE family. Find out in July that youngest daughter has lost baby. Bridal Shower in August. Bachelorette Party in September. I turn 35. Find out youngest daughter is pregnant again. Get married in October.

2008 – Same old same old until April. At youngest daughter’s baby shower in April find out Bob’s oldest daughter has kicked husband out. (No Big Surprise). Knee blows. Physical therapy is a no go. Surgery in May to repair knee. Baby Braelyn is born May 19th. Annual trip to Colorado on crutches – in laws fawn over me. Decide to go back to school for 2nd Masters and enroll in classes. Turn 36. Spend 3 months in PT for knee. Knee gets better after I quit PT. Think about weight loss surgery and then chicken out.

2009 – Think more about weight loss surgery. Attend seminar in April. Decide to go for it. Officially weigh in at my highest weight ever – 321 pounds on April 21, 2009. Begin weight loss clinic. Six months doctor supervised weight loss. Continue classes. Annual trip to Colorado in May. Interview Bob’s cousin who has had wls. Lose 17 pounds. Turn 37. Get surgery date. Have RNY gastric bypass on November 11, 2009 – happy new birthday to me. Lose 48 pounds. Life is good.


Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow

We are in the middle of a blizzard today…predicting up to 26″.  I intend on spending my day doing my Christmas baking.  Right now, I’m baking sweet potatos to make sweet potato cookies, and then I’m going to do some banana bread and some chocolate chip cookies.  Too bad I can eat none of it.

Pictures coming later!


I sell jewelry…please go take a lookie!

Back to Life…Back to Reality

I’ve taken six months off of school – mostly to get myself prepared for weight loss surgery.  And I’ve enjoyed it.  No papers, no deadlines, no team work.

But alas…my time off from school is over.  I had to register for classes today.  I re-registered for the class I dropped last summer – Information Technology for Health Care Administration…oh, I think I fell asleep just typing that out.  I’ve paid my first tuition installment, and class begins Jan. 28th.  At least I have a month left of “vacation.”

I need to get re-trained.  That’s all there is to that.   So UMUC, here I come.

Happy Holidays

Sadie - Christmas 08

From our home to yours, wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons.

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