Huge Life Decisions on a Saturday Afternoon

I’ve been absolutely beating myself up over this class from hell, and this is the 2nd time I’ve taken it.  And now, it’s the 2nd time I’ve dropped it.  I had a long Come to Jesus talk with Bob (thank goodness for an amazing sounding board!) and decided that I need to do what I’ve wanted to do for two semesters – change my major.  So, I sent an email to my advisor and asked him to switch my concentration over from health care to financial management – which I actually know something about.

So, I haven’t dropped out of school, but I’m taking the rest of this semester off (no more group project yay!).  I’ll pick up with the finance concentration in May.  And I’m so happy about this decision I just can not tell you.  Really really happy.  Yay.


When Good Groups Go Bad…or Why I Hate Group Assignments

Look – I know that technically, in the real world, you are “supposed” to have to work with groups in the working world to get projects and assignments accomplished.  But we all know what really happens – one or two poor saps on the project team are stuck with all the work because the other team members are too busy/too incompetent/too busy picking their toes to care, and they know that the work will get done in the end.

I am NOT one of those people who can sit by and let someone else do all the work and then take credit in the end.  Nope, it isn’t in me.  And every single time, I’m the poor schmuk who gets stuck doing everyone else’s work in the group.  It’s because I either have “SUCKER” stamped on my forehead, or I am so anal retentive that people recognize it and realize that I will do the project because NO ONE ELSE CAN DO IT RIGHT. 

I’m used to this where I work.  Happens all the time.  And I’ve come to painfully realize that group work is a required element of graduate school, to train us to become the poor schmuk in the workplace that ends up doing all the work.

This semester, I was assigned to a study group (alphabetically, it seems – blast the fact that my new last name starts with G instead of B!!!  Blast!!!) by my lovely professor.  We are going to be assigned a number of graded group assignments throughout the semester, but this week, our group article study is due. 

Now, we’ve already had one group assignment that was due, and guess who ended up doing the majority of the work?


Yep – Schmuk.  I mean me.

Now, the last assignment, I did at least get a little bit of help from one of the other group mates, but turns out she read the WRONG assignment, and I ended up doing 99% of the grunt work.  Two people in my group barely made ANY contribution at all.  In face, one guy’s only contribution was to ask if our major paper had to be on one topic.  The other girl chimed in and said, “Well, I work, so I can’t make the group meetings, but I’ll try to help out as best as I can.”  And then all we heard from her were crickets.  In fact, I’ve barely seen her post anything to the conferences which serve as our lecture/class room space.

This time, this is a major assignment.  It counts for 10% of our grade.  That’s a big chunk of MY grade that is relying on other people.  The chunk that could mean the difference between and A and a B.  I don’t do Bs.  Not this time around.

So, guess who is sitting here, patiently waiting for the rest of the group to make a contribution to the article critique?

Schmuk.  I mean me.

Sigh.  Look, I know I have to deal with this crap in the workplace.  But quite honestly, I’m not being graded at work.  I mean, I’m being evaluated, sure, but not to the point where my GPA is counting on it.  But its not like I haven’t worked and understand the rah rah team atmosphere.  I do.  I don’t like it there either, but I will get the work done.  I’ll bitch about it, a lot, but I’ll get it done.  And it will be good work, because I’m anal retentive.  Have I mentioned that before?  I think I have. 

But in school, let my grade rely on me.  Just me.  If I get lazy and say “Screw this” then its all on me.  Don’t make me work with three other people who have made zero effort on this project.  I can. not. take. it.

Death to group work.

We Are So NOT Olympians

So, I’ve been using my Wii Fit for over a month now every morning – about six days a week.  I usually rest on Thursdays, just because my exercise therapist (how does one get that job, anyway?) said it’s best to allow the old muscles to rest a rebuild once a week.

I’ve been bugging Bob about the fact that his only idea of exercise lately is bicep curls.  1.  Pick up food.  2.  Bend Elbow.  3.  Stick food in mouth.  He claims he’s hibernating for the winter…you know, building up that warm extra layer of body fat.

I don’t get on Bob about his weight, because of the whole people, glass houses and stones thing.  But I do worry about his health now that he’s in his 50s.  I worry about his developing diabetes, or heart problems, so I’ve been gently nudging him (prodding him, begging him) to watch what he eats more, and of course, try exercising.

Now, Bob is an outdoor guy.  No doubt about it.  We love to walk when its warm.  We have bikes.  We love to get outside and be active – for as active as two fat people like to get.  And up until this year, we happily couched it together in the winter time, hiding inside until temperatures got over 50 degrees again.

But I figured the Wii would be a fun way for us to get exercise, and I have enjoyed using it.  I generally put in 45 to 60 minutes a day, and burn approximately 300 calories.  And I thought maybe, just maybe, if I billed it as a video game, Bob might try it.

Well, tonight he did.

And hilarity ensued.

I have learned now…my darling, wonderful, loving husband…not so athletically coordinated.  Which is surprising – since he actually did fence in college, and he played football and wrestled. 

Tonight, he decided to give it  a shot, so we hooked him up.  He was immediately insensed by the fact that the Wii Board told him he was obese.  And it made his Mii fat.  So Bob flipped off his Mii.

Then we moved on to the actual Training.  First, we tried the rhythm boxing.  Something I do every day becuase it’s a calorie burner.  And I figured it would be relatively easy for him.

Yeah…not so much.  He couldn’t quite get the whole right left punch step thing down.

So we moved on.

And we tried the easy basic run.  He started to jog around the room, and literally within minutes, his face got red and I was rolling around on the floor, desparately trying not to laugh at the fact that his poor Mii kept falling on his face.

Needless to say, Bob’s little Mii was not exactly whistling as he ran.  Neither was poor Bob.

We gave up after 12 minutes.  Not 12 minutes of exercising…12 minutes of using the Wii. 

I think I’ll let him just do his couch exercises until the weather gets warmer, but the entertainment was well worth it…at least for me…for a little while.

In Memorium

11 years today.

I miss you Betsy.  Love you.

Busy Busy Busy

I know…I haven’t had any posts of any sustenance lately.  I’ve been really busy at work and at school, and I’m sure you don’t want to hear me blog about how busy I am.

School is tough this semester.  It’s a lot of work because it’s a class I have no real background in.  I feel as if I’m the dumb kid in the corner just trying to keep up.  I don’t like that feeling at all, so I’m working twice as hard to keep up.

Things have been going on in the real world though.  Bob and I had a lovely valentine’s day.  We actually went on a date and went to see a band with some friends.  The band was ok, but it was nice to get out of the house with my honey for a while.  I love that man.

We’ve gotten some wonderful news lately – lots of babies are on their way in our life (no, none of them ours).  My bestie is having a baby in August, her third.  Her husband came through his surgery just fine, and now they can relax and enjoy their next baby.  My oldest niece, Lauren, is also expecting a baby in August, and I’m very excited for her.  And, we got a call last weekend that Bob’s cousin is expecting his first baby in August as well (ahem, not much going on in November, folks?), so I’ll be crocheting up a storm here this summer getting ready for a baby boom.  I’m excited and thrilled for them all.

As for me, I’m plugging along.  As usual, you can read about my weightloss journey over at I’m Being Bypassed.  I’m also plugging away with work and school.  And I’m working out nearly every day (one day a week is a rest day) with my Wii!  I love my Wii and being active!

So there you go, a little more sustenance than before, and I promise some more updates soon!

I Went on a Date With my Husband

We went out to listen to a band last night – first time we’ve gone out in a while.  Happy valentine’s day!

Guess What?

More snow on the way.

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