Slowly But Surely

I am coming out of this funk I have found myself in. All I want to do the past couple of days is sleep, but I’m sure that has to do with the rainy weather. Rainy weather is good sleeping weather. So are days when it’s nice enough to open the windows outside.

Spring is slowly making its way to Maryland and for that I am greatful. The past couple of years have proven very hard winter-wise for me. I tend to lean toward seasonal disorders and I get into a funk. I need warmth on my skin and the outside to make everything alright. The exercise I’ve been doing has not exactly been the substitute I had hoped it would be, but since it is supposed to be getting nicer in a hurry, maybe that will finally break through this fog.

I love Spring for so many reasons…the plants and trees are starting to green up, we get more time down at the trailer, I can spend time outside soaking up the weather, and it means summer is right around the corner. 

I love to be outside…doing nothing at all…just letting the sun hit my face.  I can’t wait to see the flowers blooming their heads off.

Spring also brings the opening to baseball season – it runs in my blood. I love football, but baseball is my heart. It’s hard to be in a mixed marriage…a baseball fan married to a football fan. I love my Eagles, but the Phillies are the epitomy of all that is good and right with my world.  Give me the ball park, the smell of hot dogs, the crack of the bat…I’m in heaven.  Opening day won’t seem quite the same without the booming voice of Harry Kalas this year.  I’ll never hear Take Me Out To The Ball game without a tear welling up.

So, this weekend, my spring begins – Easter dinner with my family…Philadelphia baseball…and the promise of 70 degree temparatures.  It’s time to come out of hibernation.  Pick me some daffodils and take me out to the ball game…it’s Spring.


Yucky Rainy Day

And the weekend went by so fast. I think we should automatically be given rainy days off. No working allowed…just napping and trasy movies.

At least its my work from home day.



Why Don’t You Just Cheer the Heck Up?

I just realized that I have posted about being grumpy twice in the past few weeks.  That is sad.  I blame it on hormones and winter.  Come summer time, I’ll be all sweetness and light.


This morning started out crappy, but has gotten better thanks to a rocking one on one with my boss this morning followed by finding not one, but three gingersnapish tea bags in my desk.  Life has gotten considerably better.  I’m ready for the weekend.  Oh Yeah.

I had some major mood enlightenment with a girls night last night.  I went out to dinner after work with three lovely ladies from my support group and we had such a good time.  We were catty and snarky, and it helped to feed my inner snark.  I thrive on snark.  Its better than alcohol and cigarettes.

And now, I have less than four hours before I am free for the weekend.  I have big plans folks.  BIG PLANS.  Here’s a sneak peak into the highly protected inner circle of Bea’s life…

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Yes, that is how I shall spend my weekend. 🙂

Just Call Me Cranky McBitchypants

Whooo Boy for some reason I am in a foul mood this week.   It’s one of those weeks where nothing is making me happy and I just want to be left alone in a corner doing my own thing.

But of course, that’s not going to happen, like ever.  The one week where I am a complete grumpy thing, I have meetings out the hoohah.  I have to put on my “Happy face” and go to the meetings.  I feel like Tommy Lee Jones in Man of the House…

And when I’m not in meetings, and I’m TRYING to do work, people think its social hour….if they aren’t talking to me, they are standing outside of my CUBE and talking.  Hello people…I don’t have an office…I don’t even have a door.  I Can. Hear. You.

What’s worse?  I had to turn down chocolate today.  Seriously.  I turned. down. chocolate.  They are handing out peanut butter dove chocolates in our cafeteria today.  And I had to turn it down.  For the first time in my life I said no to chocolate.  And its the one thing that would probably put me in a better mood.  Not that I would have taken the chocolate even if I could have, considering the girl that works the cash register was yelling this morning about how she was getting sick and then sniffling and sneezing and moaning when I was buying my watermelon.  Um, no, just no.

Why am I in this bad mood?  I have no idea.  It’s not for any particular reason.  I think its a combination of the fact that I have spring fever and hay fever, and I tired of being cooped up inside.  My poor husband is doomed.

Warning – Bad attitude alert.

Do. Not. Want.

If There Was Ever Any Doubt, This is Why I Love Trails End

Sunset at the Crabbing Pier

Ahhh…Spwing…When I Hab Hay Feber and Sound Wike Elmer Fudd

The trees are budding.  The spring bulbs are flowering and popping up.  And there’s pollen in the air.

Which means my eyes are itchy and watery, and my nose is stuffed up.

Ain’t I a pretty picture?

Seriously, every year, I get about one month where my allergies don’t kick my butt and I can breathe like a normal person.  In January.  The rest of the year, I suffer from allergies and sinusitis, and I live on nasal spray, saline and tissues.

Today, I left all three at home.  Duh.  So I’m all stuffy, my eyes are all itchy, and I’m miserable.  My nose is running and all I have around me are napkins, so not only is it runny and stuffed up all at the same time, but its sore.

I’ll be heading to Walgreens at lunch for relief.

I love Spring.  I’m so glad the weather is “pinking” up, so to speak.  I have an itch to get back to the trailer, so I’m taking a three day weekend and we are heading down to open up Friday morning.  I. Can’t. Wait.  It’s supposed to be gorgeous and 70!  Hopefully when I’m back on Monday I’ll have some pictures to post!

Cancer Can Suck It

You know, I’ve posted here about my friend Drew and his wife Donna and their ongoing battle with brain cancer.  I’ve also posted of my sisters’ battles with cancer, the fact that my mother has chronic leukemia, and my dad passed away of cancer in 1974.

Cancer sucks.

This past weekend, I found out that one of my Livejournal girlies lost her mother to lung cancer on Saturday.  She hadn’t been diagnosed that long ago, and my friend is just trying to get through this – as I can relate to. 

I’m thankful myself that I haven’t had any indications of cancer, as rampant as it runs in my family (both parents, one grandparent, and both siblings).  Not all of the cancer in the family is genetically linked, and so far, those that are don’t seem to be genes that I was lucky enough to have been dealt.

But, in all this cancer bad news, there is some good.  My friend Karen’s son Mark was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma back in September of last year.  He’s gone through surgery, and then chemo and radiation to get rid of a tumor that was on his jugular.  He’s 25.  Today, Karen texted me.  Mark is now cancer free.  And with any luck, and lots of prayers, he’ll remain that way.

Cancer is a black hole, and yet, sometimes, we come out on the other side, a little worse for wear, but alive and kicking.

To all my friends and family who are survivors, you are my heros.  And to all those close to me that have lost loved ones, you are not only my heros, but my angels.

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