Grumpy McGrumpypants

I am grumpy today.  In a bad place.  I want to be home, in my bed, asleep.  And yet here I am, at this place that makes me even grumpier and unhappier.  Sigh.

I’m also disappointed that this stupid weather we are supposed to have this weekend is going to put off our opening trip to TE for a week.  Better not rain next weekend – I’m so ready to get back down to the trailer.  I’m sick of winter and I’m in need of some sunshine.  Seriously.  I think I have a smidge of seasonal disorder.  And right now is my asskicking season.  Lordy please bring Spring and bring it soon.

We have upped our outdoor walking lately.  Which is good – any extra added exercise to my day is great, and getting Bob out there exercising may be what he needs to combat the blahs he’s gotten. 

I’m in such a mood.  I feel for my poor coworkers today.  It won’t be pretty for them.  In fact, I don’t even think massive quantities of bad 80s music or watching John Hughes films will pull me out of this – (mental note – test this tonight – John Hughes film fest?  Oh yes – I need me some bad 80s teen angst/love/comedies).  Then again, watching Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles might be exactly what I need to remove this black rain cloud from over my head.

That, and a good weekend trip to Trails End.  Come on next weekend.


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