March of Dimes Walk Tomorrow

OMG – 6.4 miles.  Tomorrow.  At the ass crackage of dawn.

If you don’t hear from me anymore, I’m dead.


My New Obsession

I know I’m behind the times here people, but I wanted to finish reading the books BEFORE I started watching the series.

And now, I am addicted to…..

Oh my heavens oh my stars….what an awesome show is this?  And actually pretty doggone close to the books.

It makes me all warm and happy inside.

I’ve ordered the first season from Netflix – but have watch the first two shows on my iPod while taking the bus to work (half way through the third show).  I can’t get enough.

I loved these books.  Finally vamp books where vamps were vamps.  None of that Twilight sparkly romantical crapola.  Give me a vamp who sleeps in the ground all day and chomps people and hallelujah I’m all for it.

And and and…holy hot.  This show is just hot.  I’m sorry Jack Bauer…you have been replaced…there’s a new number one in this lady’s town.  Bill Compton…just as moody and morose, but with fangs AND he gets the girl.  Oh yeah.


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One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, I attended the Bariatric Seminar for Upper Chesapeake Bariatric Surgery, and I met this man:

Dr. Stephen McKenna.

After months of searching, I found the surgeon who I knew made me feel like home.  One year ago today, I met the man who would save my life.  And I am eternally greatful.

Dr. McKenna – thank you so much for giving me my life back.  You have no idea how much I love you.

Shameless Self-Endorsement

OK, I’m not begging, only I am.   I have two weeks and a few days left until I put on my big girl panties and walk 6.4 miles for the March of Dimes.  Pretty PU-LEASE to be sponsoring me?

Go here – please!!!

My Yard Hates Plants

I have a green thumb – really I do.  I love to work in my yard, and garden and grow things.  My yard, however, is allergic to plants.

See, when I moved into my house about 9 years ago, I was all gung ho about starting a garden.  I bought a tiller, and I made myself a nice plot in the back yard.  I planted all kinds of lovely veggies.  I very carefully put a small fence up around the garden (so that the deer in my yard wouldn’t eat my plants) and I weeded and pruned and begged my garden to grow.

I got about eight spinach leaves, four lettuce leaves, one tomato that looked like it had been in a nuclear disaster, and three strawberries.


You see, my backyard is very wet – which is logical, since I back up to wetlands.  And my garden, for all intents and purposes, drowned.

So, the next year, I moved the garden.  Higher up, drier area.  Got some lovely zucchini, but everything else went to crap.

So I gave up for a few years – had to because of a heart attack and the fact that I was sad that nothing would grow in my yard.  Flowers grow just fine, but nothing else.

Then, about 4 years ago I got the bright idea to do container gardening.  And then the blights hit.  I just tired it with some peppers and tomatos.  I think we got three stunted little tomatos.  The peppers did really well however, so I just kept trying with the tomatos.

We decided once again two years ago to try a garden again.  We were very meticulous – we arranged for the garden to have drainage.  We tended our plants lovingly and carefully.  We got six peas and two – TWO – strawberries.  Out of a 20X20 garden.

This time it wasn’t the wet factor – the deer figured out how to knock our fence down – or eat through it.  They were well fed deer.  Fatest deer in the neighborhood.  And they told their friends.  And their friends’ friends.  Sob.

So last year, we said the hell with it.

But I haven’t learned my lesson – oh no – not at all.  I have decided to try once again.  Yesterday, I purchased two tomato plants and three peppers.  I found the driest, most protected place in my entire yard (my front flower bed up against the house) and I planted them.  The deer don’t invade that are because it’s too close to OMGPEOPLE.  And the rabits stay away because Sadie will eat them.  It’s nice and dry.  And it’s right in front of my front door.

If I end up with a tomato and half a pepper, I’ll take it as a sign that veggies are only meant to come from the grocery store.

Oh Jack Bauer…You Lady Killer

Warning – may contain spoilers…so if you haven’t seen last night’s 24…don’t read.


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