Almost Time!!!!

This time tomorrow, we’ll be in the air.  I just got online and printed our boarding passes (I lurve Southwest for that).  The iPods are charged, and I’m going to download something to watch today…hmmmm…True Blood maybe?  A load of laundry is in the washer and my lists are all made!

I’m so excited for this trip.  Last year I toted the laptop with me, but I won’t be doing that this year.  Too heavy.  So, there’ll be no updates from the road on my blog, but there will be on Facebook and Twitter if you follow me there.  I imagine NOT taking the laptop will be a bad idea.  Last year I took nearly 1,000 pictures.  My camera only holds 300, so I won’t be able to off load them anywhere.  I may rethink this before tomorrow morning.

Today, I work until 11:30.  Then its off to the library and bank, and then I have to take my furbabies to their grandma’s.  Then a quick trip to Old Navy, lunch with my Mom, and then home to pack. 

Yay!  Colorado in less than 24 hours!!



I can haz vacation nao?

Soooo ready.  My poor brain is so not at work today.  Half the day today and then half the day tomorrow and I’m FREE!

Pound for Pound Challenge – Done!

As of today I’ve reached my 50 pound goal for the Pound for Pound challenge!  That’s 50 pounds of food they’ll donate to the Maryland Food Bank for all my hard work.  Last year I didn’t make my pledge, but this year, I did, and I feel so accomplished!

Less Than a Week

And I’ll be in one of my favorite places….Colorado!!!  Yay!  I can’t wait to get back and spend some time in some of my favorite places with some of my favorite people!


Uh, people, not elk. 

I can’t wait to get back up into Estes Park to Rocky Mountain State Park …I mean honestly, who wouldn’t love to see a view like this…


And I really and truly can’t wait to reconnect with family in  Colorado.   

I want vacation, and I want it now!

I’m So Full of Grace and Charm

So, I got off the bus this morning on Baltimore street in the light rain.  Now if you’ve ever been on Baltimore street, then you can cringe now…if not, lemme pain a picture…it’s nasty.  It’s where the homeless and drunks like to hang because there are benches and coffee places from which to beg.  And they like to throw up there.   And that’s the GOOD end of Baltimore street – we won’t discuss the end where the Hustler club is (Yark).

Anyhoo…I proceed to take about three steps when I realized my left foot was moving faster than my right, and before I knew it, I was falling.  In my head, it took forever…I was thinking, “ohshitimfallingohnonotheredidanyonepukeherelatelyomgimstillfalling…”

And then boom – I was down.  Landed on my bad left knee, but gracefully managed to do a split, so I also landed on my bad right hip.  Yep.  A picture of beauty I tell you.

Four men all gathered around me to help me up, and bless their hearts did not laugh at me.  I was still in that shocked, “OMGdidIjustfall?” mode…but slowly got to my feet. 

Once I got to work, I realized that I took all the skin off my knee and sitting on my right butt cheek is challenging to say the least.

This totally tops yesterday when I had to stay home with a horrible case of gas.   Seriously.

And Bluz…I hear you laughing…

Daily Outfit Meme

The daily fail says that the average woman’s outfit costs about $1000, and the average man’s outfit costs about $900.

Itemize everything you have worn or kept on your person today!

Top – $12.99

Bra – $12.99

Underwear – $5.00

Jeans – $14.99 (yay clearance!)

Shoes – $16.99

Engagement ring & Wedding band – $800

Diamond Earrings – no idea – they were a wedding gift from my husband – I think about $150?

Purse – $12.00 (not counting everything in it…just no)

For a total of $1,024 – however I only paid $74.96 considering I didn’t pay for my wedding rings or the earrings from my husband. 😀

Yay! It’s FRIPAY!

Thank Gawd.  My bank account was crying.

We’re heading to Virginia again this weekend, this time to be accompanied by my niece and her fiance.  They are going to use our trailer over Memorial Day weekend for their honeymoon, so we want to show them where to turn things on and off so they don’t blow our very antique 1953 Holly Travel Trailer to bits and pieces or make my electric bill go exponential.

I’m looking forward to seeing them this weekend, and to seeing my sissy as well who will also be going down to her trailer.  I smell a campfire in the air!  QUICK!  THE MOSQUITOS ARE DIVEBOMBING! 

Oh, sorry, flashbacks.

Anyhoo…It’s going to be a fun weekend.  I am planning on taking lots of pics, including some of those with my niece showing off her little baby belly…she’s baking me my first official great nephew (on my side – there are about 1,476 great niece’s and nephews on Bob’s).  There’s a horseshoe tournament and a dance this weekend (whoo hoo…first dance completely sober…that should be interesting).  And quality time with some of my favorite people in the world!

Yay weekend!

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