Big Family Weekend

My oldest niece got married Memorial Day Weekend, and she’s having a baby in two months (ok, less than two months now – OMG).  Over the weekend, we had her family wedding dinner (they got married at the courthouse) and her baby shower the next day.  Wow.

There are some pictures behind the cut…



Let Me Pick Up a Stick So I Can Beat Myself In the Head

I just enrolled for my fall classes.  Well, fall class.  Financial Decision Making for Managers.  $1,374 for one little online class.  And that’s just tuition.  I’m afraid to see how much my books will cost.

I’ve applied for tuition reimbursement.  I hope I get it.  But I have to finish the class and submit my grades before I get it, so I still have to pay for the danged thing first.  OH yeah, and my books.


ZOMG – I just checked – my books for this class are $400.


I Just Don’t Get It

OK…this may end up being a rant about Tarantino.  The only movie I really enjoyed of his was From Dusk ‘Til Dawn…cause I gotta thang for Vampires….and George Clooney.  MostlyVampires.  Ok, who are we kidding…the thang is for Clooney.  OMG Drool…Clooney….

From Dusk Till Dawn 

But…I’m not a big fan of his other flicks…because, well, I’m not.  I just don’t get them.

That being said, the ads for Inglorius Basterds actually looked like it may have the same campy kind of humor that From Dusk ‘Til Dawn had…minus the vampires.  (I really do like Vampires…don’t get me started about Vamps…the scary Vamps…not that glittery crap that Twilight is about…gag).

So we rented it.


It sucketh.

Really…I mean, as a war movie, it was kind of ok.  But anything with a cameo by Mike Myers and a Brad Pitt with a really bad southern accent had to be at least a little funny.



Not.  So.  Much.

So, I go back to my original feelings about Tarantino….no thanky.  Unless you wanna gimme Clooney again.  I’d watch him in a toilet paper commercial.

And vampires.

Was I Wrong???

To put my dog in time out this morning?  She had me out looking for her at 4:15 this morning in the rain and I kind of snapped.

I think lately the stress has put me at my breaking point.  I’m not a nice person when I’m stressed and the past few weeks have been stress overload for me. 

This too shall pass.

Dear Lord

Grant me the strength to get through this month without choking someone.

I am not the helpdesk.  And if I hear the letters D, S and I together used as an anacronym one more time, I may do jail time.

I’m just sayin.

I know I just came back from vacation, but I need another one.

Come on August.

Goodbye, Mr. Green

If you hear of our company  completely falling apart or burning to the ground tonight, it is because of the departure of Mr. D. Green.  He is the glue that holds our department together.  He is a great man, the keeper of our file room, the calm in our storm.  And he’s leaving us to move to Louisiana.

D. and I are the last remaining original QC department members from when I started back with the company in 2001 (after a brief instance where I lost my mind and worked for another un-named finance company who has since gone out of business *hfccoughhfc*).  D worked for me as the sole file room attendant.  D grew his position and his file room to its own empire.  He is well respected and everyone knows that nothing is going to be the same around him now that he’s going.

D – it has truly been a pleasure working with you these past nine years.  The next company that gets you is going to be so lucky.  Best wishes to you, your beautiful wife and two handsome sons.

But you are leaving me in a pickle.  Who am I going to call now when I’m going to be late in the morning?  No one else is here as early as I am.  Who is going to help me when I need answers regarding the 8300 process?  Who is going to talk with me about football, or sports, or pop culture (no offense, Bluz, but you are a few floors away).  Who is going to RUN THIS ASYLUM???

D – we love you.  We’ll miss you.  Oh so much.

Back To Work Today

I had to extend my vacation by a day to take care of some things for my Mom yesterday that involved :::shudder:::  mice.

From what I gather after spending two hours working from home Sunday, work will not be fun today.

Somehow, I’d rather clean up more mouse poop.

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