Goodbye, Mr. Green

If you hear of our company  completely falling apart or burning to the ground tonight, it is because of the departure of Mr. D. Green.  He is the glue that holds our department together.  He is a great man, the keeper of our file room, the calm in our storm.  And he’s leaving us to move to Louisiana.

D. and I are the last remaining original QC department members from when I started back with the company in 2001 (after a brief instance where I lost my mind and worked for another un-named finance company who has since gone out of business *hfccoughhfc*).  D worked for me as the sole file room attendant.  D grew his position and his file room to its own empire.  He is well respected and everyone knows that nothing is going to be the same around him now that he’s going.

D – it has truly been a pleasure working with you these past nine years.  The next company that gets you is going to be so lucky.  Best wishes to you, your beautiful wife and two handsome sons.

But you are leaving me in a pickle.  Who am I going to call now when I’m going to be late in the morning?  No one else is here as early as I am.  Who is going to help me when I need answers regarding the 8300 process?  Who is going to talk with me about football, or sports, or pop culture (no offense, Bluz, but you are a few floors away).  Who is going to RUN THIS ASYLUM???

D – we love you.  We’ll miss you.  Oh so much.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bluzdude
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 13:06:02

    You can always use “Communicator”! That’s what it’s for, right?


  2. goldeygrad97
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 16:40:19



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