I Just Don’t Get It

OK…this may end up being a rant about Tarantino.  The only movie I really enjoyed of his was From Dusk ‘Til Dawn…cause I gotta thang for Vampires….and George Clooney.  MostlyVampires.  Ok, who are we kidding…the thang is for Clooney.  OMG Drool…Clooney….

From Dusk Till Dawn 

But…I’m not a big fan of his other flicks…because, well, I’m not.  I just don’t get them.

That being said, the ads for Inglorius Basterds actually looked like it may have the same campy kind of humor that From Dusk ‘Til Dawn had…minus the vampires.  (I really do like Vampires…don’t get me started about Vamps…the scary Vamps…not that glittery crap that Twilight is about…gag).

So we rented it.


It sucketh.

Really…I mean, as a war movie, it was kind of ok.  But anything with a cameo by Mike Myers and a Brad Pitt with a really bad southern accent had to be at least a little funny.



Not.  So.  Much.

So, I go back to my original feelings about Tarantino….no thanky.  Unless you wanna gimme Clooney again.  I’d watch him in a toilet paper commercial.

And vampires.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. bluzdude
    Jun 24, 2010 @ 19:13:09

    You should stick to the Oceans movies, featuring Clooney in a tux, plus lots of Brad Pitt too..


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