Of Course I Do

Ahem – for the 2nd Quarter in a row I’ve been given a “You Rock” Award.

Which actually translates into a big old “Atta girl” but nothing other than that.

Go me.

Because I rock.


me 1975

me 1975

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Was I not the ka-yutest thing ever???

Sandra Lee Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Me

I may not have a tablescape completed, or have re-decorated an already decorated store bought cake, but I can say that I probably have THE BEST Slowcooker Stroganoff in the crockpot this morning…dinners for the next two days and the total cost was less than $5.00 – for the whole thing.

I threw in 2 pounds of cubed venison, diced three taters, 2 celery stalks, button mushrooms, 2 carrots, an onion and 4 cloves of garlic.  I added four cups of coffee, a can of fat free mushroom soup, 6 oz of fat free greek yogurt, 1 can of tomato sauce, and a tablespoon of butter.  I threw in some parsley, black pepper, and chili powder and cranked that baby on low.


Last Night was Made of WIN

If you didn’t see Mad Men  last night – YOU NEED TO!!

Oh, and I want to roll around in  Alexander Skarsgard’s sweat.

That is all.

Yay! Mad Men is Back On Sunday!

If you’re not watching this show, why????

I’m so excited….I’ve been jonesing for my fill of Mad Men scandal since last September and now its back on!  Seriously, this show is one of the best of television.

For a pop culture junkie such as myself, it’s a plethora of things that makes the show wonderful – scandal…hot men…hot women…product placements…fantastic pop culture references…you name it!  I can’t wait to get back into the lives of Don Draper and his minions…because I mean, seriously…who can not think that Don Draper is the coolest thing since you could drink and smoke at the office?

And the clothes!  ZOMG the clothes!  I need to hit some vintage stores so I can start dressing like this for work…seriously, I wanna be THIS HAWT.

And the scandal…OMG the scandal – affairs!  Illicit love children!  Stealing a dead man’s identity!

Seriously – watch. this. show.

For the next few months, Sunday night will be my favorite night!  An evening with Vampires and Slutty Sixties Hotties!

I’m Happy Because…

Tomorrow is CATURDAY!!!


Awww…Toby Keith Wrote A Song About Trails End!


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