La Vacances

So, we’re running around the house like chicken with our heads cut off getting ready to leave for vacation tomorrow after work.

An entire week at La Casa de Pollo – I’m so excited!  And believe you me, I need the break.  But the getting ready part, oy vey that is a pain in the butt – it’s like a whole job just getting ready to go on vacation.

You’d think since there are just the two of us that it wouldn’t be so bad – and since we own the place down there, we should have what we need, right?  RIGHT?


My husband informed me last night he only six pairs of underwear that fit him.  o.O  How does this happen?  I buy him underwear.  I wash it and dry it and put it away.  And yet still he only has six pairs?  Seriously?  We’re going for NINE days.  Last I checked, six doesn’t equal nine.  So what does he tell me?  “I’ll just turn them inside out.”  WTF?  Um, no.    You see, there are no washer and dryers in our beach home…none.  There’s a laundromat but it costs about $4.00 to do a load of laundry.  $4.00!!!  Guess I’ll be washing undies in the sink.  Sigh.

And we have to pack for nine days.  Not just clothes…but food, and stuff for the dog.  Plus I have to get the house in order for the lady who is coming by to watch the cat and bring in our mail.  Although we’re actually debating taking the cat with us.  If we can stand 3.5 hours in the car with her screaming at the top of her lungs….or she’d end up escaping the carrier and driving herself…

So, anyhoo – lots to do and little time to do it.  But at least its vacation!


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  1. bluzdude
    Aug 19, 2010 @ 17:27:18

    Have fun!


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