Oh Yeah…

The Phils clinch AGAIN!  Four years baby!  My home team rocks!!!!!!  Go Phighting Phils!!!!!! 

In other words…totally swamped with work and school.  Promise a decent post soon.


Anybody Up For Some Gator Huntin’?

It’s happened.

I hate to admit it, but it’s happened.

I’m addicted to another show on the history channel.

Swamp People.

It’s the perfect mix…red neck…bayou…gator hunting…

I wanna learn how to hunt alligators.

As long as I can do it without having to …you know…do it.

How Cute Is This Baby?

I went up last night and watched my almost three week old nephew Keegan while his mamma (my niece) and her husband went out to a wedding.  He was such a little angel I could just eat him up.

My BAD Mood…Let Me Show You It

Tomorrow is my birthday and this year, after my surgery and all, I’m feeling as if it is a significant one.  Yeah, I’ll be 38, which isn’t very significant age-wise, BUT with my surgery and having lost nearly 125 pounds, I just feel that my life is going to take off, and I really wanted to celebrate this year.

I had plans with friends to go to dinner tonight…but they cancelled on me (legitimate reasons) and I’m feeling pissy about it.  We have another friend who had a b-day last week and they all took her out to dinner.  Me, nada.  My husband isn’t even going to take me out to dinner.  Bum.

So, I’m grumpy and feeling sorry for myself.  WAH…no one lurves me.

At least I’m working from home tomorrow – that’s a plus.

Kitty Pictures…Per Request

Attack of the Dingle Balls

So, I posted here recently that we have a new furry addition to the family – Toby.   Toby is a shelter adoption – from the SPCA – and was really a scaredy kitty the first few days we had him home, but he’s come out of his shell a lot recently, and he’s done a complete 180.  No longer a shy kitty…Toby is 18 pounds of pure energy.

Toby has discovered the joy of terrorizing his big sister, Mattie.  Mattie is Not. Pleased.   She hates this new abomination that we have brough home.  She’ll tolerate him being in the room…but that’s about it.  She doesn’t want to play with him.  She doesn’t want to share her toys with him.  She certainly doesn’t want to snuggle with him.  Unfortunately, Toby is one of those big dumb cats – kind of like a dog.  I can hear how his brain works…”Oh yay!  She’s growling at me!  She lurves me!!!  Attack her!!!”   To which Mattie replies, “Get bent you ingorant hoser.”  Then she smacks the living crap out of him and chases him to the basement.  This goes on about 80,000 times per day.

Toby has also discovered TOYS.  OMG TOYS ARE FUN!!  Sparkly balls!  Yay! 

Dingle balls! YAY!! 

Toy mousies!!!  YAYAYAYAYAY! 

Along with that, Toby has also discovered that we are his saviors…and must be brough sacrifices…which at this point include sparkle balls, dingle balls, and toy mousies.  At 3am.  3. a.m.

Have you ever had a dingle ball thrown at you at 3am?  I think the Aberdeen Fire Department may still be trying to figure out what the scream was.

Toby however, is a very happy, well adjusted kitty, and we are happy to welcome him into our home.

OH, and stay tuned..there will be a very exciting, very important announcement here at Casa de Pollo in the next few weeks….very exciting….

It’s Gonna Be a LONG Season…

Dear Andy Reid,

You suck. Seriously. Your time management stinks. Your quarterback decisions suck big old stinky dung heaps.

No love,


Dear Michael Vick,

You are not forgiven in my eyes. I do not respect you. But I will give you this, you did what you had to do yesterday. You at least made the game interesting. But seriously – if you have the ball in your hands, and no one is anywhere near you, and you are 20 yards away from the end zone, run for the damned touch down. Don’t just throw the ball. RUN! Like the law is after you! You’re familiar with that, right???

Less love,


Dear Kevin Kolb,

I realize you were nervous…but seriously, you played like Betty White. Sorry about the concussion and all, but whoa – my granny played QB better than you.

Big sigh,


Dear Donovan McNabb,

For the record, I never wanted to get rid of you. You are still my favorite quarterback – right up there with Peyton Manning. I’m sorry you got traded to the Deadskins. I want you back. I never Boo’ed you. Never. Congrats on the game last night…thanks for beating the Cowcraps. Even though you are with the Deadskins, I’ll still cheer for you. I’ve retired your Green #5 to our at home Hall of Fame.

Your biggest fan (next to your mamma),


It’s gonna be a LONG season y’all.

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