My BAD Mood…Let Me Show You It

Tomorrow is my birthday and this year, after my surgery and all, I’m feeling as if it is a significant one.  Yeah, I’ll be 38, which isn’t very significant age-wise, BUT with my surgery and having lost nearly 125 pounds, I just feel that my life is going to take off, and I really wanted to celebrate this year.

I had plans with friends to go to dinner tonight…but they cancelled on me (legitimate reasons) and I’m feeling pissy about it.  We have another friend who had a b-day last week and they all took her out to dinner.  Me, nada.  My husband isn’t even going to take me out to dinner.  Bum.

So, I’m grumpy and feeling sorry for myself.  WAH…no one lurves me.

At least I’m working from home tomorrow – that’s a plus.


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