Today is my last day at work for a week.  We aren’t GOING anywhere (except maybe down to Casa de Pollo next weekend) but we are having family come visit us.  I decided it would be rude of me to work while they are here – and far be it for me to be rude (shuddap peanut gallery) – so I took the week off.  Which means today, I’m busting my butt to get my fraud reports done before I go – and that hasn’t exactly been successful…LOL

I’m looking forward to the visit from family.  Bob’s Aunt and Uncle are coming – their first time to the East Coast.  They are coming with Bob’s cousin Gene and his wife Stacy – who married into the family about the same time I did.  We have a bond that way – marrying into the world’s largest family (I kid…I kid…only a little) is a bit intimidating, so we are kindred souls that way.

Of course, that also means I’ve been cleaning my house like mad, and planning meals, and worrying about getting places and doing things next week…but hey…Vacation is RELAXING, right?  Right?  RIGHT?

So, I promise lots of pictures with family next week.  We’re going to do all kinds of touristy things.  We’re going to Gettysburg and DC.  I hope we don’t lose Bob’s 4’0″ Aunt in DC…that might be a bad thing.

See ya soon!