A Celebration of Life

This weekend, I had the honor of attending the memorial service for my friend Drew’s beautiful wife, Donna.  It was held at my home church in Delaware, and many of the people I had grown up with were there (Delaware is a small place – if you grew up in Delaware you are either related to or KNOW someone who is related to someone else, and everyone knows everyone).  It was pleasant to get to see old friends even if I didn’t have the time to say hello to them.  It was most pleasant to see Drew again – the wonderful man he’s become.

I was very emotionally moved by Donna’s service – so much so that it has taken me a day or two to compose my thoughts about the service.  Drew has posted the eulogies that were read in Donna’s honor on her Caring Bridge site and even this morning, after reading them again, I tear up. 

I was not close to Donna.  I was friends with Drew through the Wesley Foundation, and Drew and Donna were a package deal, but she was older and already working when Drew and I met, so though she attended many functions with him, Drew was the person I got to know and love.

Drew has a kind heart, and a generous nature that you desire out of everyone you meet.  He is genuine and kind, funny and playful, and no matter what, he makes YOU feel good.  Even as I hugged him on Sunday when I saw him in the lobby of the church, he made me feel good.  Drew is that kind of person that just makes you feel good to be around.  If only there were more people like that on this earth.

I went to Donna’s service for Drew.  I felt I needed to go.  I did not expect to get so emotional, but it quite honestly brought back memories of my sister’s memorial service 10 years ago.  But what really truly moved me the most was the outpouring of love for both Donna and Drew and their son Josiah that you could feel the moment you entered the sanctuary.  At what should be such a horrible time, Donna’s memory was celebrated with laughter, and with song.

Can you measure the prosperity of your life with the outpouring of love you received at your funeral?  If so, Donna’s Memorial Service showed that she was most definitely loved to the moon and back.


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