Not Ready

I am not ready for this week.  I went to bed last night with a killer headache and sore throat and I still have it this morning.  Normally I work from home on Mondays, but I had to come in today for a mandatory staff meeting.  I still feel like shiznit and am praying the day goes quickly so I can go home and die go to bed.

I’m not ready for school either.  I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon working on my class responses, and have to start again today with two chapters, 8 homework problems and 4 more responses, in addition to getting a head start on my term paper and group projects.

Shoot me now.

I need a pajama week.


Another Frickin’ Snowstorm

I woke up this morning to this…


Notice the tracks in the snow – that is exactly how far the dog walked to pee.  I dutifully cleaned off my car and caught the train into work.  At which point I said, “Um, what the hell am I doing?  It’s nasty down here.”  So I collected a ton of work and took the 1:15 train home.

It had stopped snowing by then but it’s started back up.  We are supposed to get hit with 6 to 10 inches tonight.  I’m seriously OVER IT!  Done with snow.  It’s not magical and purdy.  It’s craptastic.  It really sucks when you have to commute 40 miles one way to work.  On public transportation.  I hate it.

I have enough work to stay home tomorrow if I need to (ok, let’s face it – I ain’t going in – we already have about 4 inches out there and it’s no where near done snowing).  Which means I’m trapped in the house with my darling husband.  And the History channel.  And his gun shows like American Rifleman.  I’m getting closter-snow-phobic with all this crap.  Teh bored has set it.  When that happens, I start doing things to amuse myself…like this…

Let’s just say the devil made me do it.

And I begin to torment the cats…

"I am plotting your demise...I shall follow through as soon as I figure out how to open the food cans myself."

And take pictures of my husband in compromising positions….

"You're not posting that on facebook are you?"

And instead of drying off the dog, I take pictures of her first (yes, I DID dry her off)…


Childhood Rememberings

I was having a discussion with Bluz at work today over the email and we were talking about some of the cartoons we enjoyed but didn’t totally “get” as children.  It brought back memories of Saturdays as a kid waking up at the butt crack of dawn to park myself infront of the boob tube.

Some of my favorites:

Captain Noah and his Magical Ark – this was a show that was exclusive to the Philadelphia Area but it was on early in the morning on Saturdays.  I used to love to sing a rainbow with Captain Noah.

Chief Halftown was also a Philly Staple – he came on either before or after Captain Noah.  Loved him.  Was very sad when he passed away.

The Banana Splits – I don’t even remember what that freaking show was about, but I remember the theme song to this day.

Wacky Races – Dick Dastardly and Muttley were my favorites.  I will never forget when Muttley laughed.  When I get a bad cold and start coughing, I sound just like him.  Seriously.

Of course, Merry Melodies.  I loved Speedy Gonzales and Foghorn Leghorn.  I’m a chicken hawk, and I like chickens!

Rocky and Bullwinkle – Hey Rocky, wanna see me pull a rabbit out of my hat?

And my all time favorite…

The showed that introduced me to my obsession with horrible b-rated horror flicks such as Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, The  Blob, and the ever popular, The StuffCreature Double Feature!  A Saturday staple in my house!  My sister and I might have fought over everything else, but we bonded over Creature Double Feature!  MWAHAHAHAHAH!

Oh Hai

I have too many blogs – it’s hard to keep up with posting to all of them.  I have been keeping up with my 365 day photo blog though, and have enjoyed making myself refine my photography skills.

Today we have football on tap, although I will admit, I don’t really have too much interest in either game.  I’m (*cough*) unbelievably routing for the Patriots today – although as for the rest of the AFC I’m routing for the Steelers.  I could care less who wins the NFC game today.  I want the Steelers to win it all.  I’ll route for anyone who can beat the Packers.  I plan on reading today and have a big old pot of beef barley soup on the stove.  Sundays are so relaxing.

Classes start back up later this week.  In the meantime, I plan on finishing up a couple of novels.  I have tomorrow off to relax.  Mr. G goes back to the cardiologist tomorrow and I’m hoping we get some answers.  Other than that, nada going on and I’m going to enjoy it.  I have a feeling class this semester is gonna be ugly.

So…what’s new by you?


It’s supposed to snow today – 3 – 5 inches up where we are.  Panic has ensued the universe surrounding Baltimore as a result.

I made the mistake last night of deciding I wanted to try a new recipe for dinner – and went to the grocery store.

OMG – it was mass hysteria.  Not a roll of toilet paper was left on the shelves.  The bread aisle looked as if it had been pillaged and ransacked.  It was not pretty.

Why in the world do we panic about snowstorms to the point where we buy up every last roll of toilet paper?  Seriously, are you that low that if you are snowed in for a week you will run out of things to wipe with?  It’s just me, but I always have an ample supply of TP at our house.  And we don’t eat bread.  I did buy a dozen eggs, but I needed them for my recipe.

I was amazed at the people running around the grocery store as if their heads would explode.

And we’ll probably just get a dusting.



Happy New Year All!

I hope you had a nice helping of whatever goodluck food you require for the new year – we had black eyed peas here, and they were GOOOOOD!

We had some great times this holiday and I’ll be posting some pictures very soon.

Just a reminder, visit my new 365 days of photos blog here!