It’s supposed to snow today – 3 – 5 inches up where we are.  Panic has ensued the universe surrounding Baltimore as a result.

I made the mistake last night of deciding I wanted to try a new recipe for dinner – and went to the grocery store.

OMG – it was mass hysteria.  Not a roll of toilet paper was left on the shelves.  The bread aisle looked as if it had been pillaged and ransacked.  It was not pretty.

Why in the world do we panic about snowstorms to the point where we buy up every last roll of toilet paper?  Seriously, are you that low that if you are snowed in for a week you will run out of things to wipe with?  It’s just me, but I always have an ample supply of TP at our house.  And we don’t eat bread.  I did buy a dozen eggs, but I needed them for my recipe.

I was amazed at the people running around the grocery store as if their heads would explode.

And we’ll probably just get a dusting.



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