Blow The Dust Off

Sorry…I know it’s been a while.  February has been a rough month and I didn’t want to come here to post, “I miss my dog I miss my dog I miss my dog,” every single day.  Kinda takes the shine off of things, ya know?

So, we are in the search for a new goggie.  We have been to the HCHS (Harford County Humane Society) and walked a few doggies there.  Unfortuantely, the dog we had our eye on was Lily, a little beagle.  She was beautiful and sweet, but they did not disclose to us BEFORE we wanted to see her that she was turned in for aggression, and on top of that had kennel cough and lymes.  Um, make her well before you put her up for adoption!  We also walked a little lab named snuggles who was good with me, but was terrified of Bob.  So, we are still looking.  We won’t go back to the Humane Society, unfortnately – they told me my cats weren’t up to date on their shots (they are, I have their certificates) but didn’t disclose to me that the dog we specifically told them we were there to look at was sick.  Sigh.  The search continues.

In other news, work has been crazy. C-R-A-Z-Y.  I am swamped and have had nothing but meetings out the hoohah.  That’s a lot of meetings folks.  I dropped my class so I could concentrate on work a bit more and relax on the weekends.  Relaxing on weekends is very important for me now. 

We are starting to get ready for our annual Colorado trip.  I imagine sometime this week we’ll plot out our trip.  We’re going for two weeks again this year.  So looking forward to this trip.  We’re trying to decide on one overnight – two years ago we did Colorado Springs and Fort Robinson.  Not sure where we want to go yet this year.  Maybe Cheyenne?  I’ll research some more.  Colorado Springs was gorgeous and so much fun!  It’s gorgeous there.  We treck up to Estes Park for a day every year, and if Trail Ridge is open, I’d like to take that drive again.  We go all over the state – from the mountains way out to Sterling, into Nebraska, up into Wyoming.  So we’ll just have to see.

And and and…we discovered the best freaking Sushi restaurant this weekend in Perryville of all places.  They’ve only been open two weeks, but it was amazing!  We had their lunch special – Bob got a sushi plate, and I had three rolls – for $20!!!  Score!

So, that’s what’s new here.  What’s new with you?


Sigh – I know…I know

I haven’t posted anything of substance here in a while.  Honestly, keep up three blogs is a bit much on me right now, so mostly I’m posting at my photo blog and my weightloss blog.  That’s more of what’s going on right now.

Soon as my head is in a better place, I’ll be back here.  Could be later tonight, tomorrow, or next week, so stay tuned!

Today Sucks Big Fat Hairy Donky Nuts

We have an apointment to take Sadie in today at 4:40pm.  It’s time.  I’m 99.9% sure she has cancer, and she’s had a horribly rough time the past few nights – she cries all night, has lost her appetite, and is forgetting things like how to turn around.  She can’t stand and I know she’s in horrible pain.  I’m devestated.  She’s my baby.  And I don’t know how we are going to function without a dog between now and June when we’ll be able to get another.

Bob is insisting I go with him, but I won’t be able to stay with her while they do it.  And we are going to bring her home and burry her here in the backyard.  Another thing I’m not mentally prepared for.  Every time I look into her big brown eyes I just feel horribly guilty.  Guilty wishing I had all the money in the world to tell them to do what ever it takes to make my baby girl better.

Sigh – how do you say goodbye to someone who has become part of your heart?

Homemade Pasta Fagiole…with meatballs

It’s Love Thursday!


Do you know when that something happens in your life that turns everything upside down?


I do.

You see, I have a lot of stuff that could “potentially” turn my life upside down…and a lot of stuff that probably “should have” turned my life upside down but didn’t…but that actually moment happened this week.  And it was really something small, something that I couldn’t possibly expect to turn my life upside down, but amazingly, it did. 

And it’s not a BAD thing – but my life on Sunday is just a lot different from my life today.

And it’s work related, so I can’t really get into specifics, other than my immediate supervisor is taking another job.  And normally that wouldn’t affect me in the least (I wouldn’t think) but in this case, it did.  And I went from being REALLY busy to being “HOLY SHIT WHEN WILL THE SHIT STORM END” busy.

Sigh.  I loved when my job wasn’t important. 

So, I have a new supervisor.  And a whole host of new responsibilities.   And now I’m on a bazillion different committee meetings.  And all I really want to know is, when exactly am I supposed to actually do my WORK?

And seriously, can I have a cookie for all of this?  Because cookies would totally rock.