What Gets Me Through

Work has been so busy lately I honestly come home from work and do absolutely nothing but fry my mind with a bit of Facebook, a bit of nonsensical TV, and then bed.  I’ve been enjoying my new puppy, and she’s been taking a big of my time as well.  Blogging, however, hasn’t been at the top of the list.  Although I have kept up with my Photo a Day blog and am trying to keep up with my weightloss blog, although not much has been going on there.  Of course, I get the most traffic there.

To deal with the stress, I tried to take a day off last Friday.  I had no plans except to play outside with my dog and veg.  And while I was doing just that, my boss called – boo.  He needed help with a report. 

So, since I can’t seem to pry myself away from work, even when I’m not at work, I’ve been plunging myself into my iPod whenever possible at my desk (that means probably the full 10 minutes a day that I am not in a meeting/on a conference call/charing an activity/pulling my hair out and sobbing uncontrollably).  I have a totally eclectic taste in music though.  I have everything from 40s swing to 70s rock to modern day country. 

Today’s playlist has been this:

Neil Young’s Harvest Moon – the best song EVAR.  I’m not even a huge Neil Young fan, but this sone makes me happy to hear it.  Happy happy happy happy.  I listen to it over and over again.  Lurve it.

Brooks and Dunn – Rock My World (Little Country Girl) – because Kix Brooks and Ronny Dunn are probably the best country duo to hit the scene since Johnny and June (who also are prominent on my iPod, thank you very much).

Dancing Queen – Abba – because if you don’t have this song on your iPod you are not human – or at least aren’t admitting that Abba is awesome – silly.

All I Do Is Dream of You – Michael Buble – because it is made of win and awesome and kittens.

And We Danced – The Hooters – because I miss the 80s.

Loveshack – B52s – HUGE B52s fan.  They let me air my crazy side.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich – Lady Gaga – It’s on my workout mix…but I’m all random today so it came up.

Hey Soul Sister – Train – It’s catchy and has a great beat.

Basin Street Blues – Preservation Hall Jazz Band – I love the Preservation Hall Jazz Band – always have, since my Mom took me to my first concert when I was about 8 – I fell in love with that Band the same year I fell in love with Philly sports.

Heart of Glass – Blondie.  Because.  It’s Blondie.

Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas – makes me wanna dance.  And dance and dance and dance.

Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard – Paul Simon – Reminds me of growing up on Brewster Drive back in DE – all hail the Brewster Buzzards!

So yeah – what’s on your pod?


Tequilla Lime Pound Cake with Vanilla Glaze

I’m baking one of these for work in two weeks.

Yeah.  I know you’re jealous.

I’m Here

I’ve been so swamped that the internets have become a bit of a “wow I’d really like to get back to that soon” idea that hasn’t really materialized.

So, some quick bits…

Mia is doing great.  She’s a great dog, and so well trained, that it’s hard for me to believe someone could dump her.  It’s apparent from her behavior that she was dumped – she’s skittish about going to the park – doesn’t want to get out of the car until she’s absolutely sure we aren’t going to leave her there.  She’s underweight and has patches of skin that are healing but we can tell where she dug at them with her nails or teeth.  But she’s sweet, and loyal and loving.  She knows a bunch of commands, loves to play with toys, is very good with the kitties, and loves me to bits and pieces.  I just can’t wait to fatten her up a bit.


Work is very busy and is kicking my butt.  I once again owe Bluz cookies for fixing something for me yesterday.  He’s requested chocolate chip.  I’ll try for them soon.  I’m also on a committee here to make the work place a happy happy joy joy place to work when it’s more like Office Space.  Sigh.   I may need to take my printer out to a field to beat it.

Winter sucks and I’m glad it’s almost gone.  My skin is so dry you could use it for sandpaper and my fingers are splitting.  I need spring.  Seriously.

We’re going to see my Mom this weekend.  We’re taking Mia to meet her gramma.  I have a feeling trips to my mom will be slightly less frequent now that gas costs are now priced at:

Dear lord let me hit the lottery.

In other news, I finally got around to watching America’s Next Greatest Restaurant.  The whole reason I watched it at all was for this man:

Curtis Stone, you are made of win, and awesomesauce.  And hawtness.  You are now on my list of five.  As a result of watching the show, though, I’m now having a major Chipotle craving.  NOM

Mia is Home!

My new dog is made of win.  She’s well trained, so she belonged to someone at some time.  She knows sit, shake, lay down, and roll over.  She was a good girl getting her bath (she stank) and she’s good with the kitties.  She loves toys (and I suspect is much younger than 3) and is absolutely gorgeous.  And she’s home!  Now we just need to fatten her up (and get her license).  So, my hillbilly goggie from TN is right at home here in MD!  We also decided we’re going to keep her name as Mia – she answers to it already.

We’re Expecting

A dog.

What, you thought I was going to say baby?  Yeah.  no.

We’re adopting a siberian husky mix named Mia and she’s going to be delivered to us from Tennessee (!!) tomorrow.

This is Mia…

image 2237979821-0