A Bit of a Vent

So, by now, if you’ve been reading my blog, you should know that we rescued Mia last March.  This is Mia:

Mia was a rescue dog through For Pete’s Sake Rescue out of Tennessee.  She’s a young husky mix who had been a stray.  And she came with a host of problems, the largest being a very serious skin issue.  After much hair loss (hers, not ours), and a really foul odor, we took her to our vet, and they determined Mia had the mange.  Basically, dog scabbies.  We went through about $600 worth of treatments, including three treatments of Ivermectin, a painful injection of a drug that kills and prevents scabbies.  In addition, knowing Meems was going to have very sensitive skin, put Mia on a diet that limited her wheat consumption.  And Mia’s skin cleared up.  Beautifully.

So, after her skin cleared up, we switched her back to pedigree dog food thinking the problem was all mange.  And Mia did fine.  Until this month.  We notice she was biting at herself again, and there was more hairloss, and the odor was back.  Sigh.  Since our yard is adjacent to woods, and we have a bunch of wild animals that use our yard as a dumping ground/home – including red fox who are notorious for mange – we assumed she’d been exposed again and was developing another skin infection.

So, we took her back to the vet on Friday.  The vet sniffed and and made a simple diagnosis – no mange.  Never had mange.  She had a yeast infection which was a result of an allergy.  A wheat allergy.  Sigh.  I was a bit annoyed in that they didn’t test her for that to start with.  So, after another $164 dollars, Mia is on yet another round of steriods, and has to have a bath twice a week with an antifungal shampoo.  And we’ve switched her back to her much more expensive food with NO WHEAT anywhere in it.

Mia has been an expensive project for us…LOL.  But she’s a great dog.  Just as sweet as she can be, and is happy to be in a loving home again.  Hopefully we can finally get her to an all over coat in the next month or so.


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