We have been without power since 2:50am Sunday morning.  It came back on at 1:10pm today.  Our basement is flooded (we have the sumps running now).  And we have this out front:

But, we are safe and sound.


Mother Nature, You Are a Bitch

I am SUPPOSED to be enjoying my last day at my beach place, but thanks to Irene, we came home yesterday.  Of course, the Eastern Shore is under mandatory evacuation.

So, our vacation was eventful, even though it wasn’t supposed to be.

We got down to Virginia last Saturday with our friends in tow.  They are looking to buy soon, and wanted to see what Trails End was like.  We showed them around and then visited with my sissy for a while.  We went to the dance that night (which I spent on the sidelines, since, well, I can not dance right now) and enjoyed ourselves.  We spent Sunday and Monday not doing much of anything but relaxing and reading, which was lovely.

On Tuesday, we decided to go to the pool in the afternoon.  After lunch, we packed up and headed up.  It was a gorgeous day and the pool was lovely – not crowded at all.  We found a table, and I even managed to get in and out of the pool so I could exercise my leg.  About 1:50, we were both sitting at the table with our noses in our books.  I felt someone shaking my chair, and I turned around to see who it was.  Only it was no one.  Um…  I looked over at my husband, and he was looking at his chair funny, and then we looked at each other.  I said, “Did you feel that?”  He says, “Yeah – must have been a strong wind gust.”  Only the wind was coming from the other direction.  I looked around to see if anyone else had felt anything, but no one had, so I chalked it up to wind.  Then I checked Facebook on my phone – and everyone was posting, “Did we just have an earthquake?”  I knew it!  Sigh.

We were also watching the weather report with the anticipation of Irene.  We decided Tuesday night to just hold off and wait until Friday morning to make any decisions.  By Thursday morning, it looked as if we were definitely going to leave by Friday morning.  By Thursday at noon, they had posted signs around the campground to evacuate (keep in mind, we were in Horntown, VA, which is in Accomack County, on the eastern shore of VA – which is right in the storm’s path).  It was a voluntary evacuation.  We decided to tie down the popup and the picnic table and to head out Friday am.  We had tied everything down and were taking a nap when security knocked on our door.  “Have you heard there’s a storm coming?” 


Yes, yes we have.

“Are you leaving?”

Right now?

“Well, do you plan to leave before Saturday?”

Yes, we’re leaving first thing Friday am.

“Ok – people who stay will be pretty stupid.”

Ya think?  Seriously, like I want to weather a hurricane in a 1953 travel trailer with no toilet.  Um, no.

So, we got up early yesterday, packed up, and headed home.  We’re now sitting here on the sofa, watching the rain and wind pick up.  We have power, and satellite, and internet, so we’re good to go so far.

Hope everyone is safe.  Here’s a picture I took about 5pm tonight…

And here’s how my family is spending the afternoon…

I’m A Mean Doggie Momma


I can not begin to tell you how excited I am that football season is once again among us.  I mean, I have had one seriously craptastic summer dealing with knee surgery, but as of last night (W00T!  Eagles pre-season win!!) my joy has returned. 

What a year we’re going to have too…I mean, this is the Philly Dream Season (says a prayer to the football gawds not to jinx us because I said that).  Andy Reid has put together a dream team…we have Vick…who is, well, awesome…

Deshawn Jackson is back…

We’ve hired ourselves a defense!!

And a kicker!!

And we have this man – the man with the most tenure among NFL Coaches!! 

Let’s go Iggles!! 

Fly Eagles Fly, On The Road To Victory.
Fight Eagles Fight, Score A Touchdown 1-2-3.

Hit ‘Em Low.
Hit ‘Em High.
And We’ll Watch Our Eagles Fly.

Fly Eagles Fly, On The Road To Victory.