I can not begin to tell you how excited I am that football season is once again among us.  I mean, I have had one seriously craptastic summer dealing with knee surgery, but as of last night (W00T!  Eagles pre-season win!!) my joy has returned. 

What a year we’re going to have too…I mean, this is the Philly Dream Season (says a prayer to the football gawds not to jinx us because I said that).  Andy Reid has put together a dream team…we have Vick…who is, well, awesome…

Deshawn Jackson is back…

We’ve hired ourselves a defense!!

And a kicker!!

And we have this man – the man with the most tenure among NFL Coaches!! 

Let’s go Iggles!! 

Fly Eagles Fly, On The Road To Victory.
Fight Eagles Fight, Score A Touchdown 1-2-3.

Hit ‘Em Low.
Hit ‘Em High.
And We’ll Watch Our Eagles Fly.

Fly Eagles Fly, On The Road To Victory.



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  1. bluzdude
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 23:23:07

    By the way, thank your boys for me, for smacking the Ratbirds around last night. Preseason or not, that got everyone fussing!

    BTW, this weekend, check out my post on the Ratties signing Ricky Williams.


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