Back to School

So, I’ve been contemplating long and hard this summer about my return to Grad School.  I dropped out earlier this year, but I have two years to make up my mind before they make me reapply.  You see, I’d being taking the Financial Management concentration with my Masters of Science in Management Major, and the classes were so close to those I took for my MBA that my brain kept screaming, “What’s the point?  Why are we doing this to ourselves?  We already have this knowledge.  Oh look, something shiney…”

You see, I WANT to go places in my career.  Well, 90% of me does.  The other 10% of me is quite happy just having a job.    But for the past two years, I’ve been struggling and busting my hump to get promoted at work to the position of Compliance Officer.  And I’ve stalled out.  Don’t get me wrong, the management loves me, and loves what I do, they just aren’t willing to make the leap to take me from a Compliance Analyst to a Compliance Officer.  And being stalled out isn’t good.  What yoinks me more is that I DO have an MBA.  That the company paid for.  And my MBA means I have more education than many of the folks in my department who ARE compliance officers.  Sigh.

So this summer, I’ve been thinking a lot.  I know I need to go back to school, but the thought of continuing down the path of Financial Management seemed kind of redundant to me.  What I really need to do, what I have to do, is switch my concentration to accounting.  You see, with the Masters of Science in Management with an Accounting Concentration will give me all the classes I need to sit for the CPA.  And THAT my friends, will not only get me noticed at work, but will also afford me the leverage I need to move up, both in earnings potential, but also in position.  Something I desparately need.

The problem is, I find accounting boring.  *yawn*  Really boring.

So I spent this weekend doing my Pros and Cons list.  The Pros won out.  And this morning, I sent an email to my advisor at school and said effectively that I’ll be rejoining classes in the Spring (starting in January) and will be switching my concentration to accounting.  Please make the switch for me.  I’m biting the bullet and doing it.  And by NOT chaning my actual degree program, my management classes will not go to waste – a good thing.

So, I start back at classes in January.  CPA here I come.


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