Happens Every Time

Every single time my husband goes out of town, I have some kind of injury to myself or a disaster befalls the house.  Every. Single. Time.  And it’s frustrating.  One year, when he went to my step-daughter’s over night to help her do something in the house, my left knee blew and I ended up needing surgery.  Another time he went away (again to my step-daughter’s), I sprained my wrist AND the basement backed up with sewage.  It never ever fails.  I’m doomed to have disaster befall when my husband goes away.

This year, I planned ahead.  I took time off from work last week, and arranged to work from home yesterday and today because our dog is so spazzy when she’s left alone that I knew if I left her for 10 hours during the day, she’d either chew herself up, or eat one of the cats.  And that’s not something I’d want to come home to.  I felt relatively safe this time with Bob on his annual hunting trip.  I was going to enjoy my vacation from my husband.

And I made it from Friday to Sunday afternoon with no disaster.  None.  Went shopping with my girls…saw my mom…got some christmas crafts done…it was all good.  Until Sunday afternoon.


I got back from my mother’s, and put the dog inside.  I went back outside to unload the car, got off the front steps, took two more steps, and boom…..

I went down.  Right in the front yard.  I don’t know what happened, or how it happened.  But I went down.  On my knee.  My freshly repaired knee.  The one I’m supposed to be really careful with.  The one I’m not supposed to kneel on.  So, I didn’t technically kneel.  I more like crashed on it.

I’m sure the neighbors are wondering where the crazy shrieking was coming from.

So, my knee is ok…I guess.  It’s a wait and see kind of thing.  You see, the donor cartildge I had put in takes 18 months to grow in.  And at this point, I can still do some very serious damage to it.  But as I said, it’s wait and see.  It’s too soon to know if I did any real damage.

My pride, on the other hand, is quite wounded.  And I have a boo boo.


Mia and the Thundershirt

I have said a few times before that my poor dog has many issues.  On top of severe allergies, she suffers from severe anxiety orders.  We have tried EVERYTHING.  Calming pills.  Kenneling.  The Cone of Shame.  Mia’s anxiety comes in the form of self-mutilation tendancies.  She gnaws on herself.  And it breaks my heart.

So, we were coming to the court of last resort here lately.  Doggie prozac.  Now, as much as our pets are totally dependent on us, we can’t claim them on  our health insurance.  And I’ve looked into pet insurance, and it costs more per year that actually taking my dog to the vet, and the basic cost doesn’t cover extras – emergencies, drugs, etc.  Sad.  We’ve had Mia on calming pills (made of brewer’s yeast and ginger and some other holistic ingredients for a month) but the problem is, you can’t predict when she is going to have a bought of separation anxiety.  And those pills are expensive, so you don’t want to have to give them to her every eight hours.

My girlfriend has a dog who was also abandonned, and he freaks out at thunderstorms.  She’s been doing some research and looked into the Thundershirt.  She forwarded the link to me and I looked into it as well.  The thundershirt is basically an anxiety wrap for dogs.  Vets have long stated that constant pressure on the dog’s nervous system tends to calm them.  This shirt wraps around their torso and waist and fits them snuggly, like swaddling a baby.  But they aren’t cheap – they run around $40.  The material is breathable, soft and washable (very important when you have dogs).  But still, $40 during Christmas season was just slightly out of my budget, and honestly, was it going to work?

But, my wonderful mother (who worries about her granddog) decided that she was going to go ahead and purchase the Thundershirt for Mia.  So yesterday, we tooker Meems and had her fitted.  I was still skeptical, but let me tell you, the difference was night and day (after of course we got her home from there store where there were kitties and treats and toys all at eye level).  She is a different dog.  No pacing.  No biting herself.  No chasing the kitties (they are thankful).  Instead, she spent most of the evening passed out on the sofa.  Even when I went downstairs to bring up laundry, which normally would have sent her into a biting episode.

And today, she’s a calm, happy dog.  She’s not pacing.  She’s not constantly begging me for attention.  She’s not biting herself.  She’s not searching the house for her daddy (who is off hunting).  I’m amazed.  I’ll give it a week, but if this is the thing that brings my baby some peace and serenity, then I’m all for it.

Thundershirt HO!

I Supported Small Business Saturday…But I May Not Be Asked To Come Back!!

So, since my hubby is off shooting at Bambi, the girls and I had a girls day in Havre de Grace to support Small Business Saturday.

Let me tell you, we had the Best. Day. Ever.  But we don’t know how to act in public.  So we may not be allowed back…LOL

First, we hit up the Cannery in Havre de Grace which is full of antique dealers.  OMG, we laughed so hard at some of the things we saw.  Aside from some of the most gorgeous antique pieces of furniture, there was some stuff that just made you go, “ummmm…”  Of course, we had to model some of them…Like this freaky angel…

Or this wrap – um, I’m sorry, but this is just freaky – it STILL had the paw pads on it…

My girlfriend Karen found this awesome hat…

And seriously, who can resist a little J. Giles Band with Magic Dick…

After the Cannery, we headed over to the Rampant Lion – a place where local artists can display their crafts.  We were in search of The Susquehannah Knitting Company – and OMG did we find her.  Best. Yarn. EVER.  I got some gorgeous chunky yarn that I’m going to use to make some handwarmers, and Karen got the same yarn and some gorgeous sock yarn.  We also met a woman that wraps cheerios in silver and fires them in her kiln to make silver cheerio beads.  Gorgeous.

From there, we headed over to Chiparellis for lunch.  Besto Pesto Penne with chicken.  NOM.

After lunch, we headed over to Andy and Bill’s.  They have a great antique store, but they are going out of business and everything was 50% off or more.  Karen and Heather and I totally couldn’t act like grown ups in there, but honestly, who can when the first thing you see is a skull wearing a sequinned cap?

And then we saw a stained glass image of Jesus.  Now, not to be blasphemous or anything, but I didn’t know Jesus was so ripped…he picks things up and puts them down…

We were laughing so hard, people actually came upstairs to see what we were having so much fun with.

And then we saw this….I don’t even know what this is, but honestly?  It looks rather phalic, don’t you think?

We ended our day at Jana’s Java laughing hysterically over coffee and wondering why we don’t spend more time together.

I love my girlfriends!


Thanksgiving is Nearly Here And What I Really Want For the Holidays

Thanksgiving is day after tomorrow, and thanks to the craptastic travel day, I’m working from home in order to avoid the 9,438,743,921 people who will be making their way through Penn Station in Baltimore.  I’m also taking advantage of the time to get a bit of a head start on the Turkey Day cooking.

This year, I’m making my own cranberry sauce for the first time.  In the past, I’ve always doctored up the canned variety, but I can’t use them anymore because of their high sugar content.  So this year, I’m making my own with fresh cranberries, oranges, pecans and splenda.  I’m going to go ahead and make that tomorrow, as well as a pecan pie for my hubby.  I’ll also knock out chopping the veggies for the stuffing, and make myself a sugar free sweet potato pie.  Thursday, I’ll make some fresh potato bread, and do the turkey, stuffing and mashed taters.

I’ve been struggling with our Christmas budget this year.  Trying to figure out how to buy gifts with limited funds, and trying to think of low budget things for my honey to get me.  What I really want for Christmas is to just get a break from all of the stress.  Stress blows.

But I am thankful this year.  Thankful for so much.  Familiy and friends.  A job (even though it stresses me) and my health.  Being surrounded by the people I love, and having them love me.

So this year, hold you loved ones close, and eat like pigs.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Sweet Potato Pie and Shut My Mouth

Oh, it’s Thanksgiving Week.  I love Thanksgiving.  Because this former fat girl still loves to eat.  NOM NOM NOM.

This year, it’s only going to be my husband and myself.  The rest of our family has plans, and to tell you the truth, I’m actually kind of happy it will just be Bob and I.  I don’t get nearly enough time with him, and the thought of spending the day with him alone with nothing but good food and football doesn’t hurt my feelings at all.

I have been thinking about our Thanksgiving meal for weeks.  We’re having turkey, and stuffing, and mashed potatos and corn (um, hello carbs, I’m your bitch).  I’m also baking my husband a pecan pie, and making homemade bread.  This year I’m attempting my own cranberry orange relish, and making myself a sugar free sweet potato pie.  Luckily I remembered to take the turkey out of the freezer today so I don’t have turkey popsicles on Thursday.

And then we shall watch football.

My husband leaves Friday morning to go on his annual hunting trip.  I have plans to do nothing at all.  Just me and my dog on Friday (I am NOT a Black Friday shopper).  Saturday, I’m  having a girls day with some friends.  We’re going antiquing, and to lunch, and then we’re watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (or Elf…) and gossiping.  Because yes, women do that.

So, I bid you all good eating this week.  Enjoy your family and friends.  Enjoy your food.  And give thanks, for everything you have and everything you hold dear.

Let the holidays begin.


OH – and just a quick update to my previous post – it appears I have a vit. D deficiency.  They’ve upped my D supplement and if that doesn’t work, they’ll be adding in Zoloft.  Hopefully it will get me over the hump to actually ENJOY my holidays.

Coming Out of My Funk – with LOL Cat Illustrations

See?  I haven’t forgotten.  I’ve been rattling my brain, trying to figure out what to start with.  There’s really so much going on, but I thought I’d start with the heavy stuff.

I don’t know how many of you read Hyperbole and a Half, but if you do, you will have seen the recent entry about depression.  Sigh.  I so relate to that.

Since my knee surgery in July, I have been having issues.  I’ve been exhausted, and cranky, and supermega stress – and it’s not been pretty.  I’ve snapped at people, and in general have been a cranky, sleepy, upset bitch.    Seriously, I could really rival some of the big bad villans in your favorite superhero stories.  I haven’t wanted to be around myself, and I’ve been existing on coffee.  Most days, I resemble this:

Between school, my job, and stress over some random crap at home, this was how I wanted to spend most of my day…

So, I sucked it up, and I talked to my doctor about it.  With a history of mental issues in my family combined with what I was going through, it was smart to bring it up with my doctor just to make sure everything was ok.  He and I spoke, and he said he thought my problems may have stemmed from a lack of sleep.  I was having issues falling asleep and staying asleep, and he wanted to determine if my issues stemmed from the lack of sleep, or if the lack of sleep were due ot depression.  So, he prescribed some ambien to take care of the sleep issues, and gave me some sleep rules – the bed room is for sleep and sex, nothing more.  Go to bed when its dark, and wake up with its light.  Get 8 hours of sleep.  No napping.  NO NAPPING?  WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN NO NAPPING?  SERIOUSLY, THAT’S MY FAVORITE PASS TIME…*ahem*

So I got the ambien filled.  Now, let me tell you about ambien.  It says to take it when you are ready to sleep.  And they freaking mean it.  Because no sooner had I swallowed the pills before I was drooling.  ZONK.  It’s not one of those pills you take in the bathroom and think you have time to make it to the bed.  Because you’ll end up like this:

So, for 20 days, I took my ambien, and followed my sleep rules (to the dismay of my husband, who very much misses watching tv in bed) and I got 8 hours of sleep a night.

And I was still stressed and grumpy, and exhausted.  So they checked my thyroid too.  Because blood work is so much fun.  But my thyroid is normal.  And they are checking my vitamin D, which could be low…and and and…I feel like a pin cushion.

So, now I’m waiting two more weeks to determine if my Vit D is low.  If it is, they’ll increase my D supplements and perhaps put me back on iron.  And if that is all ok, they are going to put me on happy pills.  No matter what, I’m determined to beat whatever is holding me down…and get back to happy…because everyone deserves to feel happy…no?

And I’ll beat the evil depression/exhaustion/whatever it is once and for all.

Wow – *cough* Time to Blow The Dust Off

I am sorry I have not posted since September.  I do intend to start blogging again, and soon.  I’ve had much happen in the past couple of months, but I plan on getting regular again.

Because I have lots of opinions to share.  LOTS.

I’ll have some more free time starting Friday when I finally finish up my physical therapy.  FINALLY.

So stay tuned and please come back!!