I’m a Knitting Fool!

I’ve been knitting up a storm lately.  It’s very relaxing for me.  And I’m branching out!  I finished my first sweater!


And I just finished this hat….


Holiday Shenangans

They let us out of work at 12:30 on Friday and when I got home, I didn’t stop going until yesterday at about 4pm. LOL I’m exhausted and surprisingly happy to be back at work just to take a rest!

So, I got home Friday and baked two batches of candy cane cookies (sugar cookies with crushed candy canes on top), a sweet potato pie (sugar free) and made up my cranberry relish to take to my Mom’s. Kelly and Brian showed up around 4pm on Friday afternoon, and left about 8. Four hours with my grandkids and I was ready for an energy infusion. Holy cow. Madison walked in, snuggled with me for about five blissful minutes and then whispered in my ear, “Gramma, where is my present?” LOL She loved her presents this year – a bag full of art supplies and a Barbie should could take in the bathtub. Barbie played with her new Justin Bieber doll, and then proceeded to draw me picture after picture. My fridge is now appropriately covered in kindergarten art. 🙂 Kelsi, who is now 5’6″ and holy shit with the curves, loved her sock monkey hat but has to wait to use her itunes app store gift card until she gets her ipod back. She’s on restriction because her grades are in the toilet. Love my Kels, but she isn’t interested in school at all. We fed them pizza and they played with Mia (who LOVED the kids) and Kelly and Brian spent a little quiet time before going back to their Mom’s. By the time they left, Bob and I were exhausted…LOL

Saturday we were up bright and early and packed up the car for Delaware. We got to my Mom’s about 10:30 I guess, where Bob had to fix my Mom’s kitchen sink before we could get started on the cooking. I baked the turkey, made another batch of cranberry relish (this one had sugar in it). I also made our Christmas eve dinner – we had a bunch of finger foods – steamed shrimp, pepperonchini, olives, cheese and crackers. We didn’t get around to eating until late – about 7:30 or so. By then I was so tired…LOL But Christmas eve was nice and quiet. I spent the day with those I love.

We got up around 7 on Christmas Day and I made my Mom’s birthday breakfast – eggs, bacon and biscuits. Then we enjoyed coffee before I had to start putting things together. My sister and her husband were coming to eat. I put together plates of quick breads, cheese and crackers, pickles and olives. I made the stuffing, mashed potatos and gravy. We heated up some turnip greens and cooked a pumpkin pie. I’m not sure who I thought I would be feeding since there was only five of us. LOL We opened our gifts, which were modest this year. Bob got me a gift certificate for a mani and pedi, and a pair of gold hoop earrings. My sister and her husband arrived a little later, and we ate an opened more gifts. I swear my sister spends a fortune at Christmas. After they left, we snacked and mom and I watched The Help while Bob went downstairs to watch the football game. I finished up my first knitted sweater and started on a hat.

Yesterday morning we got up and had to fix mom’s toilet. 😦 Then we had breakfast, and got everything packed up to go home. We got home about 1:00, and then Jessica and TJ and Brae came over about 2:30 or so. Poor Jess – she has a horrible cold (I hope she didn’t pass it on to me). Brae was a wee ball of energy. She opened her gifts – three homemade hats and a cape, and a Barbie. I gave Jess (and Kelly) homemade scarves and gift cards to Kohls.

Back to work today, but off next week, so that makes me happy. I get a lot done at work this week because no one is ever in the office. And I’m looking forward to resting next week. I need it!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!