Resolutions – I Haz Them

I usually DON’T do New Year’s Resolutions – mostly because by January 15th, I’ve forgotten what I resolved to do, but this year, I do have some, and I intend on keeping them.
I resolve to get more organized (Kate – stop laughing, yes I know I’m anal).  I need to organize my craft room and my pantry because I can’t find anything.  I’ve been knitting a hell of a lot more, and I want to organize my yarn stash by type so I know what I actually have and what I can get rid of.  I have a ton of acrylic yarn, but since I’m now knitting more complicated pieces, I’ve started to by real wool, so I want to know what I’ve got on hand when I start a new project.  I also have to go through all my needlework stuff, and my scrapbooking stuff so I know what I’ve got.  My pantry is a shambles and I can’t find crap, which I hate when I’m trying to cook, so yeah, that’s on task for this week too.  Plus, our front entry closet is so messy I can’t find anything.  Driving me nuts.
I resolve to get to my goal weight – which has also been revised.  I want to get down to 165.  I need to get back to the basic rules of my surgery – protein first, measuring food, 80 to 100g of protein per day, no drinking 30 minutes before or after a meal, etc.  And I need to start exercising again.  I’m hoping it relieves the back pain I’ve had lately.  I just have to be careful, as I still have a ton of restrictions on my knee – no kneeling, no jumping, nothing more than low impact.
I resolve to get my debt paid off (well, except the mortgage).   I figure I’ll be done paying off my credit cards in April.  Then I’m going to double  up on car payments.  Once the car is paid off, I’ll double up on my 2nd mortgage, etc.  It won’t all be paid this year, but I’m hoping by 2015 to be completely debt free.
I resolve to stress less.  Of course, the strateline is helping with that (I love my chemical happy pills), but I also intend to keep up with my sleep rules, and be zen about things I have no control over.
I resolve to spend more time with my girlfriends.  I’m starting that this Tuesday by having lunch with my long time BFF.  MUAH.
Happy New Year my friends.  Remember that the most important things are family and friends.  And have a big spoonful of blackeyed peas for goodluck today.