Quick Update

Hmmm…sounds as if I’m repeating myself.

I’m making most of my posts over at my cancer blog but I will update here really quick.

Surgery recovery has been progressing but slow.  I tire easily.

Cancer was evident in the Lymph Nodes, of which 17 of 19 were removed in my pelvic area.  Further tests indicate, as of today, that they GOT THAT BITCH and I am in REMISSION BABY!

I start chemo Monday (well, ho-freaking-ray), one week prior to my 40th birthday.  I’ll have three chemo cycles, followed by a cycle of radiation (um 5 weeks of radiation – once a day, every day- ouch), and then three more cycles of chemo.

But I’m in remission, and that’s all I give a damn about.  Go me!


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