Mother Nature, You Are a Bitch

I am SUPPOSED to be enjoying my last day at my beach place, but thanks to Irene, we came home yesterday.  Of course, the Eastern Shore is under mandatory evacuation.

So, our vacation was eventful, even though it wasn’t supposed to be.

We got down to Virginia last Saturday with our friends in tow.  They are looking to buy soon, and wanted to see what Trails End was like.  We showed them around and then visited with my sissy for a while.  We went to the dance that night (which I spent on the sidelines, since, well, I can not dance right now) and enjoyed ourselves.  We spent Sunday and Monday not doing much of anything but relaxing and reading, which was lovely.

On Tuesday, we decided to go to the pool in the afternoon.  After lunch, we packed up and headed up.  It was a gorgeous day and the pool was lovely – not crowded at all.  We found a table, and I even managed to get in and out of the pool so I could exercise my leg.  About 1:50, we were both sitting at the table with our noses in our books.  I felt someone shaking my chair, and I turned around to see who it was.  Only it was no one.  Um…  I looked over at my husband, and he was looking at his chair funny, and then we looked at each other.  I said, “Did you feel that?”  He says, “Yeah – must have been a strong wind gust.”  Only the wind was coming from the other direction.  I looked around to see if anyone else had felt anything, but no one had, so I chalked it up to wind.  Then I checked Facebook on my phone – and everyone was posting, “Did we just have an earthquake?”  I knew it!  Sigh.

We were also watching the weather report with the anticipation of Irene.  We decided Tuesday night to just hold off and wait until Friday morning to make any decisions.  By Thursday morning, it looked as if we were definitely going to leave by Friday morning.  By Thursday at noon, they had posted signs around the campground to evacuate (keep in mind, we were in Horntown, VA, which is in Accomack County, on the eastern shore of VA – which is right in the storm’s path).  It was a voluntary evacuation.  We decided to tie down the popup and the picnic table and to head out Friday am.  We had tied everything down and were taking a nap when security knocked on our door.  “Have you heard there’s a storm coming?” 


Yes, yes we have.

“Are you leaving?”

Right now?

“Well, do you plan to leave before Saturday?”

Yes, we’re leaving first thing Friday am.

“Ok – people who stay will be pretty stupid.”

Ya think?  Seriously, like I want to weather a hurricane in a 1953 travel trailer with no toilet.  Um, no.

So, we got up early yesterday, packed up, and headed home.  We’re now sitting here on the sofa, watching the rain and wind pick up.  We have power, and satellite, and internet, so we’re good to go so far.

Hope everyone is safe.  Here’s a picture I took about 5pm tonight…

And here’s how my family is spending the afternoon…


Did Ya Miss Me? Didja? HUH?


We got back from Colorado last Wednesday and we had a great time.  Now I go back to work for a month before being off indefinitely for knee surgery.  Yay.

We toured over 1500 miles in Colorado.  We did bull nuts in three cities.  NOM.  We visited Chappel, NE and had bull nuts at Bergies:

We visited the family in Sterling for the family reunion, and we played Texas Hold ‘Em two nights in a row (um, and were eliminated BOTH nights).  It was great seeing family over Memorial Day weekend.

We went to Estes Park, and had more bull nuts.  And a Wapitini (omg – vanilla vodka, vanilla schnapps, and apple juice).  And went to a wine tasting.  And saw a baby elk.

The Stanley Hotel

Wait For Me Mama!


We spent some time with family at the Good Guys Car Show in Loveland, CO…my cousins are big car buffs and travel in style.  They entered their 1934 Model A – souped up, of course.  I personally want a 1959 Cadillac El Dorado…red, please.

Cousin Deb’s Hot Rod Model A
Big Ass Car

Cousin Deb, Sis-in-law Judy and Bro-in-law Lloyd

I’m so classy.

 We went up to Cripple Creek, but not to gamble (ok, I put $1.00 in the video poker and won $.50.  I cashed out while I was ahead) but to go to the Bordello Museum and the Jail Museum.  Again, I show just how classy I can be.

Hamming it up at the Bordello Museum (no pics allowed inside)

My husband relived some of his youth at the jail museum…

We went to the Garden of the Gods the next day and it was absolutely gorgeous.

So, that”s our trip in the condensed version.  How”s by you?

Oh Hai

I know…I’ve not been blogging here much.  I have been updating my photo a day site (link is in the sidebar), and have had a few updates to my Weight Loss blog (also in sidebar) but not much fodder for here.

As usual, work is like a giant black hole that has swallowed me up.  We’re leaving for Colorado in 21 days (SQUEE) though, and I’m so looking forward to that trip.  We’re going to take an overnight in Colorado Springs and visit Garden of the Gods…

Garden of the Gods

and we’re going up to Cripple Creek for the day while we’re there…Cripple Creek is an old mining town that used to be known for, well, mining…but now is known for Casinos.  Neither of us are gamblers, but there are some old museums up there we’d like to visit and an old bordello museum.  My husband is quite excited about that part…

We’re also heading to the big Guerrero family reunion over Memorial Day out in Sterling.  There’s not much exciting to visit in Sterling…well, except a maximum security prison…um, yeah…and the Big Guerrero Family Reunion…that’s fun.  We’ll be having our big Texas Hold ‘Em Tourney and eat a lot of good mexican food.

We’ll also be visiting Pierce, Ault, Nunn, Greeley, Loveland, Thornton, Denver, Commerce City, and Estes Park.  Yay for big family!

So vacation is 21 days away.  But who’s counting?

Six Weeks and Counting

Six weeks.




I’m so freaking excited.  I need a vacation.  You have no idea how badly I need this vacation.  We’re heading to Colorado again, for two weeks this year.  I can’t wait to relax, recharge, enjoy my husband and family.

This year, we’re doing an overnight trip to Colorado Springs again.  We went two years ago, and it was hard to enjoy everything I wanted to because I weighed 134 pounds more than I do now.  We’re going to Cripple Creek again this year, and Garden of the Gods, and (my husband is terribly excited about this next one) a bordello museum, because we’re classy like that.

And I’m not taking my laptop.  Nope.  No way.  So work can’t reach me.  My boss is terrified of going 2.5 weeks without me, but oh well.  He’ll live.

Colorado here we come!!

Vacation Part the Third

The last day of vacation we took the family into DC on the MARC for the day.  What a lovely day!

Isaac and Gloria on the train
On the double decker bus
The Capital Building

Vacaton Part 2 – Lancaster, PA and The Rusty Scupper

Our 2nd day of vacation, we were up early and going again.  We went up to Lancaster, PA to visit the Amish Village but first we went through Perryville to the park where Bob and I were married and we drove by Rodger’s Tavern.

Some background about Rodgers Tavern

Uncle Isaac at Rodger's Tavern

Uncle Isaac and Aunt Gloria down on the fishing pier

Amish Quilt

Baby Goaty Goat!

That evening, we went downtown to the Rusty Scupper for dinner.

Family Shot

Me and my honey

Gene and Stacy

Baltimore at night

Vacation Recap Part One

This past vacation was spent with Bob’s Aunt, Uncle and cousins visiting from Colorado.  They flew in Sunday night and left Thursday morning first thing, so it was a bit of a whirlwind. 

Monday we took them to Gettysburg.  We love love love Gettysburg, and Bob’s cousin Gene is a big fan of history, so we drove up, took the double decker bus tour through the park and then took them downtown shopping for the day.  Of course, while we were there, we hit up the Adams County Winery to refill our wine stash.  We also found me a new wedding ring at one of the antique stores since the one I got for my birthday caused a major allergic reaction to me.

Here are a few pictures:

Aunt Gloria and Uncle Isaac on the Gettysburg Bus Tour

Gene and Stacy on the bus.

Mr. G and I atop Little Round Top

Mr. G takes aim!

The 2nd Room from the right Mr. President? That's where you finished the Gettysburg Address?

The family at Little Round Top

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