Do you know when that something happens in your life that turns everything upside down?


I do.

You see, I have a lot of stuff that could “potentially” turn my life upside down…and a lot of stuff that probably “should have” turned my life upside down but didn’t…but that actually moment happened this week.  And it was really something small, something that I couldn’t possibly expect to turn my life upside down, but amazingly, it did. 

And it’s not a BAD thing – but my life on Sunday is just a lot different from my life today.

And it’s work related, so I can’t really get into specifics, other than my immediate supervisor is taking another job.  And normally that wouldn’t affect me in the least (I wouldn’t think) but in this case, it did.  And I went from being REALLY busy to being “HOLY SHIT WHEN WILL THE SHIT STORM END” busy.

Sigh.  I loved when my job wasn’t important. 

So, I have a new supervisor.  And a whole host of new responsibilities.   And now I’m on a bazillion different committee meetings.  And all I really want to know is, when exactly am I supposed to actually do my WORK?

And seriously, can I have a cookie for all of this?  Because cookies would totally rock.


Not Ready

I am not ready for this week.  I went to bed last night with a killer headache and sore throat and I still have it this morning.  Normally I work from home on Mondays, but I had to come in today for a mandatory staff meeting.  I still feel like shiznit and am praying the day goes quickly so I can go home and die go to bed.

I’m not ready for school either.  I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon working on my class responses, and have to start again today with two chapters, 8 homework problems and 4 more responses, in addition to getting a head start on my term paper and group projects.

Shoot me now.

I need a pajama week.

Maryland Food Bank & My Civic Duty

The MD Foodbank has always been a charity that is close to my heart – I’ve always worked with local food banks, donating food or money when I had the chance.  Earlier this year I took part in the Pound for Pound Challenge, pledging to lose 50 pounds – for every pound I lost, a pound of food was donated to the MD Foodbank.  I lost every bit of those 50 pounds. 

This month at work, our charity of choice is the MD Foodbank (and always is during the month of Thanksgiving).  On Monday, our team took part in a volunteer day working at the Maryland Foodbank warehouse for the morning.  I had the best time there,  packing up food that would be donated to low income daycares and senior centers.  I personally packed up 11 boxes (at 11 pounds each) of canned fruit that would be donated – that’s 121 pounds of food, if you are counting.  Here are some pictures from our team event:


This is Myisha and Joy – two of my co-workers.  It was freezing in that warehouse, but they were there with coats and smiles on, ready to work!


Fruit that was to be packed and donated.


This is our Senior VP of Compliance – and proof positive that he does, in fact, own jeans and sneakers.  We thought for sure he’d show up in his khakis and a polo shirt.


Joy is acting goofy.  Because that’s how we roll in Operational Compliance.


Someone dontated Gumby.    He went around the belt about 5 times.  It was awesome.


Kristen is getting into it.


The food going around on the belt.


The best part – the state attorney general came in to “help” *coughphotoopcough* and stayed for about five minutes.  He asked the folks running the warehouse if we were prisoners there doing community service.  And he was serious.  *snort*


Hey!  Someone donated some CHEEEESE!  Oh wait, that’s just me.

Things You Never Thought Your Boss Would Say To You

I came back from vacation today.  While on vacation, I was bitten by a spider.  Thankfully, I was asleep when it happened, or I would have died from spider exposure (next to clowns, one of my biggest fears).  Instead, I woke up Friday morning with a big red welt on my neck that hurt.

I was hoping that by the time I went back to work today, the red welt would have diminished.  But NOOOO…it just got redder.

So it looks suspiciously like a love bite. (Please note – neck pictured below is NOT my neck – it is a dramatic re-enactment)

hickey.jpg image by skygazer69

This is what a spider bite looks like…

Of course, I try to hide the spider bite with make up.  Which naturally makes it worse.


So, my boss stopped by my cube this morning to ask me to print out some documents for her.  While in the process of asking me, she is totally side tracked by the spider bite.  “Oh my God…do you have a hickey???”

Of course, she doesn’t say this in a soft voice.

“JOY!  Bernice has a hickey.”

“Hey!  Kim…look….Bernice has a hickey.”

*spider bite*

Seriously…if I had any fun while getting this thing on my neck, I would totally own up to it.

And now that I’ve googled pictures of spider bites, I’m totally freaking out…sigh.  Dr. Internet you are not my friend.


I know posting around here has been pretty scarce.  School started back up this week and most of my spare time has been devoted to my graduate class and trying to keep my household in some kind of order.

My life is pretty vanilla right now – get up at 4am, go to the gym, go to work, come home, cook dinner, study, bed.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Oh, and work is kind of sucking buckets right now with the extreme amount of work I have to accomplish in the short time I actually have to do it.  Brain. Is. Jello.

I have a bunch of posts in my head…and hopefully soon I’ll get time time to put “pen to paper” so to speak and get back to blogging more regularly.

MUAHS.  Please, stay tuned.  I promise I’ll be back soon.

Dear Lord

Grant me the strength to get through this month without choking someone.

I am not the helpdesk.  And if I hear the letters D, S and I together used as an anacronym one more time, I may do jail time.

I’m just sayin.

I know I just came back from vacation, but I need another one.

Come on August.