This is my great nephew Keegan…


OMG the cheeks…couldn’t you just EAT THOSE CHEEKS???


How Cute Is This Baby?

I went up last night and watched my almost three week old nephew Keegan while his mamma (my niece) and her husband went out to a wedding.  He was such a little angel I could just eat him up.

New Additions to Our Family

My niece Lauren had her first baby Tuesday morning (12:57am on the 31st).  Keegan weighed 8lbs and 1oz, and is 20 inches long.  He’s quite a cutie (in my own non-biased opinion).  So now, for the picture spam…

keegan foot






Now, in addition to Keegan, Bob and I adopted a new fur baby on Monday as well. Toby (previously known as Brendan) is a beautiful large orange tabby. When I say large, I mean HOLY COW HE’S HUGE. But he’s gorgeous. He was very very skittish at first, but now has settled down and is acclimating to the family well. He discovered kitty toys last night and I nearly fell over from the cute…

More picture spam!!

Big Family Weekend

My oldest niece got married Memorial Day Weekend, and she’s having a baby in two months (ok, less than two months now – OMG).  Over the weekend, we had her family wedding dinner (they got married at the courthouse) and her baby shower the next day.  Wow.

There are some pictures behind the cut…