Pardon Me While I Get Up on My Soap Box

We weathered (HA) the Storm of the Century just fine here in Aberdeen.  We didn’t even lose power.  I attribute that to the fact that we spent the entire day before planning for the storm by taking everything out of our basement in preparation for the flooding that might occur if we lost power.  The lights didn’t even flicker.

My heart goes out to those who lost so much in the storm.  Wide spread devastation breaks my heart.  But I have a bone to pick with the national news that has covered the storm.  Devastation was NOT limited to New Jersey and New York.  Parts of Delaware, Maryland and the Eastern Shore of Virginia were deeply affected by this storm.  Entire communities on the Eastern Shore of VA were wiped out.  W-I-P-E-D out.  As in, there no more.  As in gone.  The beach at Assateague Island – gone.  I’m so saddened by this.  That was MY beach.  That was the beach where I took my grandkids.  Where I sat with my sister for hours watching the waves.  Where we walked and picked up sea shells.  Where we could watch the ponies.  It’s gone.  I’m not just talking about a board walk or stores – I mean the BEACH is gone.  Washed away.

The entire island of Chincoteague was under water.  Multiple businesses have been affected.  Saxis?  devastated.  Guard Beach?  Gone.  Nothing but a bar of rocks in Atlantic now.  Thousands of men dedicated to working the water their entire lives have been devastated by this storm – their boats ruined, their fishing gear and crab traps washed to sea.  Elderly were trapped in their homes and were not saved.  And no help from the federal government.  I’m sickened and saddened by what has happened to those close to me.

My family comes from the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  We have a vacation home there.  I have family there.  I have friends there.  And I’m screaming because no one is coming to help them.  But you know what, they are banding together as a community – activating the word through the wonder that is social media, through word of mouth, and through close-knit communities.  They are pulling together to help themselves.  People are donating time, money, equipment, physical labor, clothing, food – you name it, they need it.  And this makes my heart smile.

We Eastern Shormen have always been a hardy bunch.  People have lived on the Eastern Shore of VA since the 1600s.  I know, because I trace my family back that far.  You can’t wipe us out that easily.

It will come back.  Stronger this time.  You can’t put a shoreman down.

And just maybe, when you are contemplating having some oysters on the half shell for your holiday noms, they might be a hell of a lot harder to find this year.  Because the people of the Shore are too busy putting their lives back together by themselves.


Updates are a Helpful Thing

So, in reference to my last post, the baby did in fact arrive on August 6th, and about 10:20pm. She was 7lbs, 12.5 oz, and gorgeous.  Her name is Alani.  Her big sister Braelyn is still not sure about this whole “sister” thing.  Grammie is in love.  Jessica had a very rough labor and delivery which ended in an emergency c-section and her being under general anesthesia.  Alani was sunny-side-up and stuck.  Mamma and baby are both doing wonderfully now and Jess says Alani is a very good baby.

Class finished up last week.  I got my final back and managed to get an A.  Hallelujah.  Stats is over.  Yay.

Surgery is scheduled for the 22nd.  More about that on my other blog (see link below).

Sweet Potato Pie and Shut My Mouth

Oh, it’s Thanksgiving Week.  I love Thanksgiving.  Because this former fat girl still loves to eat.  NOM NOM NOM.

This year, it’s only going to be my husband and myself.  The rest of our family has plans, and to tell you the truth, I’m actually kind of happy it will just be Bob and I.  I don’t get nearly enough time with him, and the thought of spending the day with him alone with nothing but good food and football doesn’t hurt my feelings at all.

I have been thinking about our Thanksgiving meal for weeks.  We’re having turkey, and stuffing, and mashed potatos and corn (um, hello carbs, I’m your bitch).  I’m also baking my husband a pecan pie, and making homemade bread.  This year I’m attempting my own cranberry orange relish, and making myself a sugar free sweet potato pie.  Luckily I remembered to take the turkey out of the freezer today so I don’t have turkey popsicles on Thursday.

And then we shall watch football.

My husband leaves Friday morning to go on his annual hunting trip.  I have plans to do nothing at all.  Just me and my dog on Friday (I am NOT a Black Friday shopper).  Saturday, I’m  having a girls day with some friends.  We’re going antiquing, and to lunch, and then we’re watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (or Elf…) and gossiping.  Because yes, women do that.

So, I bid you all good eating this week.  Enjoy your family and friends.  Enjoy your food.  And give thanks, for everything you have and everything you hold dear.

Let the holidays begin.


OH – and just a quick update to my previous post – it appears I have a vit. D deficiency.  They’ve upped my D supplement and if that doesn’t work, they’ll be adding in Zoloft.  Hopefully it will get me over the hump to actually ENJOY my holidays.

Did Ya Miss Me? Didja? HUH?


We got back from Colorado last Wednesday and we had a great time.  Now I go back to work for a month before being off indefinitely for knee surgery.  Yay.

We toured over 1500 miles in Colorado.  We did bull nuts in three cities.  NOM.  We visited Chappel, NE and had bull nuts at Bergies:

We visited the family in Sterling for the family reunion, and we played Texas Hold ‘Em two nights in a row (um, and were eliminated BOTH nights).  It was great seeing family over Memorial Day weekend.

We went to Estes Park, and had more bull nuts.  And a Wapitini (omg – vanilla vodka, vanilla schnapps, and apple juice).  And went to a wine tasting.  And saw a baby elk.

The Stanley Hotel

Wait For Me Mama!


We spent some time with family at the Good Guys Car Show in Loveland, CO…my cousins are big car buffs and travel in style.  They entered their 1934 Model A – souped up, of course.  I personally want a 1959 Cadillac El Dorado…red, please.

Cousin Deb’s Hot Rod Model A
Big Ass Car

Cousin Deb, Sis-in-law Judy and Bro-in-law Lloyd

I’m so classy.

 We went up to Cripple Creek, but not to gamble (ok, I put $1.00 in the video poker and won $.50.  I cashed out while I was ahead) but to go to the Bordello Museum and the Jail Museum.  Again, I show just how classy I can be.

Hamming it up at the Bordello Museum (no pics allowed inside)

My husband relived some of his youth at the jail museum…

We went to the Garden of the Gods the next day and it was absolutely gorgeous.

So, that”s our trip in the condensed version.  How”s by you?

I’m Here

I’ve been so swamped that the internets have become a bit of a “wow I’d really like to get back to that soon” idea that hasn’t really materialized.

So, some quick bits…

Mia is doing great.  She’s a great dog, and so well trained, that it’s hard for me to believe someone could dump her.  It’s apparent from her behavior that she was dumped – she’s skittish about going to the park – doesn’t want to get out of the car until she’s absolutely sure we aren’t going to leave her there.  She’s underweight and has patches of skin that are healing but we can tell where she dug at them with her nails or teeth.  But she’s sweet, and loyal and loving.  She knows a bunch of commands, loves to play with toys, is very good with the kitties, and loves me to bits and pieces.  I just can’t wait to fatten her up a bit.


Work is very busy and is kicking my butt.  I once again owe Bluz cookies for fixing something for me yesterday.  He’s requested chocolate chip.  I’ll try for them soon.  I’m also on a committee here to make the work place a happy happy joy joy place to work when it’s more like Office Space.  Sigh.   I may need to take my printer out to a field to beat it.

Winter sucks and I’m glad it’s almost gone.  My skin is so dry you could use it for sandpaper and my fingers are splitting.  I need spring.  Seriously.

We’re going to see my Mom this weekend.  We’re taking Mia to meet her gramma.  I have a feeling trips to my mom will be slightly less frequent now that gas costs are now priced at:

Dear lord let me hit the lottery.

In other news, I finally got around to watching America’s Next Greatest Restaurant.  The whole reason I watched it at all was for this man:

Curtis Stone, you are made of win, and awesomesauce.  And hawtness.  You are now on my list of five.  As a result of watching the show, though, I’m now having a major Chipotle craving.  NOM

Another Frickin’ Snowstorm

I woke up this morning to this…


Notice the tracks in the snow – that is exactly how far the dog walked to pee.  I dutifully cleaned off my car and caught the train into work.  At which point I said, “Um, what the hell am I doing?  It’s nasty down here.”  So I collected a ton of work and took the 1:15 train home.

It had stopped snowing by then but it’s started back up.  We are supposed to get hit with 6 to 10 inches tonight.  I’m seriously OVER IT!  Done with snow.  It’s not magical and purdy.  It’s craptastic.  It really sucks when you have to commute 40 miles one way to work.  On public transportation.  I hate it.

I have enough work to stay home tomorrow if I need to (ok, let’s face it – I ain’t going in – we already have about 4 inches out there and it’s no where near done snowing).  Which means I’m trapped in the house with my darling husband.  And the History channel.  And his gun shows like American Rifleman.  I’m getting closter-snow-phobic with all this crap.  Teh bored has set it.  When that happens, I start doing things to amuse myself…like this…

Let’s just say the devil made me do it.

And I begin to torment the cats…

"I am plotting your demise...I shall follow through as soon as I figure out how to open the food cans myself."

And take pictures of my husband in compromising positions….

"You're not posting that on facebook are you?"

And instead of drying off the dog, I take pictures of her first (yes, I DID dry her off)…


Happy New Year All!

I hope you had a nice helping of whatever goodluck food you require for the new year – we had black eyed peas here, and they were GOOOOOD!

We had some great times this holiday and I’ll be posting some pictures very soon.

Just a reminder, visit my new 365 days of photos blog here!

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